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Christmas Crime in Colorado / Nick of Time Christmas Crime in Colorado by Cassie MilesAfter escaping her traumatic past, all Brooke wanted for Christmas was a quiet life in her new Colorado home Not on her list was the shocking death of her roommate or the appearance of sexy detective Michael But could she find comfort in his strong armsNick of Time by Elle JamesGorgeous SOS agent Nick had come to Alaska on a special missing person s case Mary, the missing man s daughter, could be a killer s next target Now Nick is determined to keep Mary safe and solve the case in time to share a little Christmas spirit

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Christmas Crime in Colorado / Nick of Time
  • Cassie Miles
  • English
  • 04 July 2018
  • 0263873366

About the Author: Cassie Miles

Cassie grew up in a small town at the very tip of southern Illinois A tomboy, she spent most of her time outside and got into big trouble for breaking the trellis while climbing out her second story bedroom window.When her family moved to L.A., major culture shock ensued She discovered that grapefruits grew on trees, television offeredthan two channels, and all the other girls had breasts While hiding out and waiting for her chest to develop, she read voraciously, raiding her mother s bookshelf for Mickey Spillane when she finished all her Nancy Drew novels.Another move took her family to Denver, the place Cassie still calls home.She graduated from North Central college outside Chicago, got married, and returned to Colorado where she worked in personnel at the Denver Post and lived in a mountain cabin without running water Upon learning she was pregnant, a return to civilization seemed prudent She settled in Denver, raised two amazing daughters, and started writing for Harlequin After her divorce, she took a break from romance and wrote straight suspense.During her frantic years as a single mom, writing books and working odd jobs to supplement her income, she hardly had time to breathe, much less to dream Then something remarkable happened She fell in love with a tall, sexy man who was an aerial photographer and the author of tough guy mystery novels Fortunately, he loved her back She found her real life hero, inherited threegrown kids and three grandchildren.Cassie started writing romance again, loving every minute of a life filled with laughter, crazy road trips, sailboats, and journeys to Oregon with long walks on rocky beaches.Not too long ago, the love of her life developed inoperable pancreatic cancer With supportive friends and family standing by, he died at home.Cassie now lives alone, surrounded by beautiful memories She has no regrets and considers herself lucky to have found her soul mate, the man with whom she shared a perfect love.Pseudonym s Kay Bergstrom