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Writing Solid Code Excellent book Don t let the book s age or the C centric examples stop you from reading it it aged extremely well. This is a great, just amazingly great book about techniques to create asolid code A lot of small chunks of programming pearls which also will help you to deliversuccinct strategies on your team.It has The best book about the craft of programming I have ever seen Maguire discusses the crucial human factors that are essential to producing good code design clarity, source readability, and the self discipline you need to steer yourself away from magical thinking when the debugging gets rough Magui I referred to this book as a resource for a project i am handling currently Basically I was looking for some developers guidelines and some coding standard skeleton I have to take most of the advises hypothetically as most coding examples are a bit dated Some of Some parts of it are not actual any it was really shocking to see notes, like don t reference deleted memory At this moment I realized that was whole different world back then when the book was written However surprisingly a lot of points, techniques and principles are still actual Like A must read book for all the programmers as well as Managers All project managers should follow the steps given in this book if they don t want a delayed release with buggy product Programmers should adopt the suggestions made in the book to become a better programmer This is not a one tim Very good book from technical perspective, a deep insight into the most basic concepts of programming areas good learning for the experienced professionals. Fatbrain Review Explains Microsoft S Techniques For Developing Bug Free C Programs And Provides Practical Approaches To The Prevention And Automatic Detection Of Errors Focus Is On An In Depth Analysis And Exposition Of Not So Obvious Coding Errors In The Sample Code Provided The Theme Is To Answer The Questions How Couild I Have Automatically Detected This Bug And How Could I Have Prevented This Bug Chapters Include Programmer Attitudes, Techniques And Debugging Methodology A Particularly Revealing Chapter Is Treacheries Of The Trade , Should Be Required Reading For All C Maniacs The Author Has Been A Professional Programmer For Seventeen Years And Draws Heavily And Candidly On Actual Coding Problems And Practices Based On Years Of Experience At Microsoft I really like this book As a diehard c coder, there is a lot in here that is immediately practical The philosophy is applicable to programming in any language. Old, but easily applied to modern languages.

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