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Darbyshire (Darbyshire, #2) Welcome Back To Your Favorite Politically Incorrect Town, Darbyshire If You Haven T Done So Already, Go Back And Read The First Book Before Starting This One, As Many Of The Characters From Darbyshire Welcome To The Jungle Reappear In Darbyshire It S Not Your Fault This Edition Introduces Ten New Characters Within The Darbyshire Universe, And Really Ramps Up The Nonsense That You Either Fondly, Or Not So Fondly Remember From The Inaugural BookUnsurprisingly, Many Of The Stories Take Deep Dives Into A Wide Variety Of Interesting Cultural Issues Of Our Current Society With An Overdose Of Hyperbolic Language, As Well Some Tasteless Jokes, The Tales Herein Take A Few Metaphorical Half Court Shots To Satirically Illustrate The Fact That Life Isn T Always About Rainbows, Butterflies, And Selfies Remember, Darbyshire Is A Series Of Meme Grade, Literary Eagle Putts Like A Funhouse Mirror, The Fables Warp The Soberingly Depressing Reality Of The Modern World Into Something So Exceptionally Gay, Even Stoic, Card Carrying Members Of The Global Lumberjack Community Won T Possess The Capacity To Retard Their Ensuing Titillation All But Guaranteeing What Seasoned Thought Leaders Describe As Their Industry S Ultimate Nightmare Scenario The Widespread Abandonment Of Faggots In Forests Everywhere

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    I read Darbyshire 1 and was intrigued with the idea of a second book I have to admit this book surprised me, especially as I am questioning everything as Covid 19 seems to be taking over the world The short stories made me look at society and determine what is

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    I enjoyed this book immensely It was unique, thought provoking and really funny I would highly recommend this book, but be prepared to laugh Maverick Alexander has an uncanny ability to envelope you until you find yourself in the community of Darbyshire He unveiled some

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    I read the first one on a recommendation from a friend, and I thought it was pretty funny Good usage of humor to explain politics and social issues The first Darbyshire book was of flash fiction, but this is a longer deal, and it changes the tone a lot The characters are way me

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    I just finished reading this book and I want to go back and read it again I absolutely loved it There is so much meaning in every sentence Can t wait for the audio book on this as wellthe author did an incredible job Great book

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