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Sisters of Sword and Song Take my money Take all of it. A tale of two sisters and their journey to save the kingdom from evil forces It was full of magic, dangerous adventures, tough challenges, and sweet moments.This book exceeded my expectation I knew that this book would be excellent because I ve read one of Rebecca s book before called The Queen s Rising, and it was an excellent book I had no doubt this one would be the same too, and turns out I was right She s back at it again writing a wonderful story, and delivering it in a fabulous way I would buy any books written by her, she is my only auto buy author so far Sisters of Sword and Song is a very wonderful book A lot of things happening in the book was truly amazing It was an incredibly well plotted story and the storyline was really remarkable It wasn t an easily predictable story, and the story held so many surprises in it I was truly amazed by it and the twists too The twists made me put the book down a lot of times, just so I can take in everything that was revealed I was like, IS THIS REAL , WHAT , I CANNOT BELIEVE IT I was caught off guard a lot of times but I enjoyed the surprises It was really impressive.The story is about two sisters named Halcyon and Evadne, and their journey to save the kingdom from people with evil intentions Halcyon was supposed to serve her sentence for 15 years due to the accident that happened between her and her shield brother, Xander But Evadne came forward to take 5 years of her sister s sentence and discover a lot of things she didn t know before Damon Xander s younger brother and Evadne paired up to complete a dangerous mission to save the kingdom, while Halcyon was working to save the kingdom differently from them.There are a lot happening in the story It mainly focused on the relics which all came from different god and goddesses I liked the concept of the story actually How the gods and goddesses is important and why their relics played a huge part in everything that happened in this book Each gods and goddesses had a relic that can give someone different abilities, and I find it so mesmerizing Also, the references to Greek mythology made me feel so giddy As a person who has been a long time fan of mythologies, I will never get tired of seeing the references of it in books I can definitely see how the ancient Greece inspired some of the things in this book No wonder this story is wonderful and so excellent from the start to the end.Now I m going to move to the subject of the actions and the magic system which I ve been dying to talk about This book doesn t just have a wonderful story and an unpredictable plot, but it also have amazing actions especially the lyrically beautiful duel between mages I ll never get over how beautiful it was written I ve never read anything like this before, the concept of the magic in this book is very unique and different than other concept of magic in other books I d read.In this one, the magic is either by speaking or singing, but mostly it was done by singing which I find it to be so fascinating The mages in this book are quite smart They created their own magic and then use it by singing it for most of the time Hence the reason why I said the magic in this book is unique Usually, magic can be use by either a wand or just shoot it from the hands, but in this one it doesn t need any of those two You sing it, your magic will show itself, and it will protect you and help you defeat your enemies if you continue to sing it Another thing I liked is how the mages needed their scribe to help back them up during a duel That is the thing I liked seeing the most Mages are considered powerful since they have magical abilities, but here they have a weakness and their scribe is the key to help them achieve their success in a duel This is being added to the list of things that surprises me while I was reading this book.That is one thing, another thing was the swords fighting I will never ever get over how amazing swords fighting is in every fantasy books Here, there wasn t a lot of swords fighting, but the amounts are just enough to keep the readers satisfied At least, there was another action that doesn t required magic I also come to understand the reason why there are two different actions sword and song magic Each represent the ability of each sister, and when I realized it, I wasn t just shocked but also had my mind blown Rebecca is so clever, this is one of the many reasons why she is my top favorite author.To me, all of the actions are extremely intense, especially the duel between mages I find that to be the most extreme action considering how hard it is to create your own enchantments and sing it with all your power and strength But the outcome of doing it when you re just an average mage doesn t look so good I was impressed by how the actions of both magic and non magic were written I can never ever forget it.Aside from all of that, the story also has a lot of surprises in it Especially the type of surprise that shocked you when you learn the truth about something or someone, and also when you met with a plot twist What I noticed the most from the story is the fact that each characters have secrets they d been holding from everyone, and the moment I found out what secrets each of them held, I was shocked like extremely shocked Evadne s family kept a big secret, and so does Damon s family I loved how everything is connected and it blew my mind to find out about it One mission connects all characters It was just so fascinating to see how the characters in this book are connected to each other be it directly or indirectly due to the one mission all of them had to complete on their own This is one of the most cleverest thing I ever read in a fantasy book.Now moving on to the charactersThere are so many characters in this book and most of them are very likable, and some are not as in, they re the bad guys Damon, Evadne, and Halcyon are the lead characters in the story while the others are the side characters.Damon is a young mage, the same age as Evadne Even though in the book, it was stated a couple times that he is just an average mage, and not as powerful as the other mages But, Damon is powerful to me He had the courage to go up against a much powerful mage and used the magic he created on his own to battle the said mage His bravery and confidence are the keys to his success, and why he wasn t afraid to battle someone so powerful than him He reached his full potential as a mage, and that resulted in him being so powerful in his own league even though he was still considered average, but that doesn t matter any since he managed to handle the battle just fine even with Evadne s help.Damon is a sweet and charming young man He has a good heart and has been so kind to Evadne He was the only one who treated her as if she is his friend while the others treated her a bit harshly He sees Evadne as his equal and he always have a strong faith in her The fact that he trusted her the most warms my heart All the good things he did only proved that he is an overall a good person with a good heart He s wise beyond his age, has a strong and good manners, possessed a mature attitude, and has a strong personality All of this makes his character so enjoyable to read, and to get to know.Evadne is just as interesting as Damon I do feel sorry for her the most because she was the innocent in all of this chaos and yet she did the bravest thing ever by stepping up to serve some of his sister s sentence in order to find out what was going on I teared up a bit at the part when she stood up and made the decision that forever changed her life She s young but wiser than most grown ups, and she showed her bravery in front of the crowds and that moment alone deserved a standing ovation.She might not have any fighting skills and magic, but her wise mind and smart brain are enough to help her get out of any bad situations She doesn t need to train as a warrior for her to be able to fight her enemy, and she definitely didn t need any power to help her face a greater challenge I do understand if some people might find her boring because she is the most normal character in this book, but being normal is unique too And never once did I ever find her boring, to me she is very much interesting just like the others I never see her as a weak character because she is definitely strong, and strong doesn t have to be physical strength or how much power a person possess Being strong can come in many form but in Evadne s case, it came from her mind Being the only one without any magical abilities or any fighting skills make her the most stand out character She s very clever, always love to help others, so caring, born to be kind, and most importantly, she has a very quick thinking Her bright personality fits her well.Halcyon which is Evadne s older sister is part of the Bronze Legion, a group of the queen s warrior who are loyal to their commander and their queen only Halcyon s loyalty to her commander and her queen never faded, it stays strong and still going strong despite how many times she was tortured by the enemies Her spirit is hard to break, she s not only physically tough, but also emotionally and mentally tough which is hard for the enemies to get any useful informations from her The things she did at the start of the story had me confused but it was just a big misunderstanding Despite all the things she endured, and how weak her state is, she still wanted to fight against the enemies to bring justice I admired her just as I did Evadne and Damon.Some of the characters that surprised me are Lord Straton, and Thales I thought Straton will turn out to be the shadiest character and eventually the main bad guy in the story, but I was wrong He was actually kind but with cold demeanor, this surprised me a lot As for Thales, he doesn t appeared much but just enough for me liked his character due to his honesty, kindness, and his strong urge to help the legion in defeating the greater enemy These two are truly the most surprising characters.About the main villainI don t expect it at all, but from the few times she appeared and the way she spoke that one time during her family dinner, I knew right away that something doesn t sit right with her It was being revealed a bit early but not too early in the book that she is the main villain It was fine by me to find out that early because then the rest of the story will have room to develop her character as the main villain and to have her achieve the evil things she wanted to do so that she will be seen as powerful and unbeatable I never liked her the moment she opened her mouth and insulted Evadne She s the most shadiest character and I do get why she was so terrifying Rebecca did a great job in developing this one particular character as the villain, and the progress of the said character become the villain was quite scary but I was impressed.Can we please appreciate how beautiful, clean, and sweet romance between Damon and Evadne is One other thing I like about Rebecca s writing is how she managed to write a beautifully sweet slow burn romance between her two characters and still make it realistic I knew that Damon and Evadne eventually end up together, all the hints are there since the first time they laid eyes on each other Their relationship started off as two strangers then to two friends who are working together on a secret mission and it eventually ended up with these two becoming lovers I m actually all in and been supporting Damon and Evadne s relationship from the start This is how a slow burn romance should be done.I loved that the process of their relationship is slowly evolving into something The development was solid and on point I don t see a single flaw in it It was one of the purest relationship I ve ever seen Honestly, I was happy they ended up together Damon and Evadne are each other s equal in a lot of ways They ve spent a lot of times together that it was easy to have them developed a strong romantic feelings to each other They bonded through their joy of singing the magic, through the deadliest missions they had to complete, and through the many obstacles they both had to face when they were off to a great but very challenging adventure.The last few chapters broke my heart after learning what will happen to Damon and how Evadne will cope with the changes There was a scene that foreshadowed Damon s fate and the horror of seeing it become a reality was so traumatizing But I have no doubt Rebecca would find a way to bring these two back again and the ending really proved that Damon eventually find his way back to Evadne, and that was the most wonderful thing ever I thought Rebecca was about to pull a Romeo Juliet type of ending, I was glad it didn t go that way.Overall, this book is a very excellent book and I enjoyed it and literally devoured it in one sitting Any book by Rebecca Ross are bound to be great, I have no doubt about it at all This book put me on edge the whole time, the story drew me in, the plot intrigued me, the world building is fantastic, and the characters entertained me This is definitely one of my top favorite read of 2020 and no one can change my mind This makes me feel like I m in the story going on a journey with the characters The joy of experiencing the story by reading it for the first time will always be the special moment I can never forget.P S after I was done reading this book, I finally knew the meaning behind the title and why Sword and Song are in it Each is the symbol for each sister and I was in awed when I realized it Rebecca is a genius for making the title And also, the coverit s so gorgeous and unique, but most importantly the pictures in the cover are basically describing the story in a non spoilery way but enough for those who have read the book to understand the meaning behind it Whoever made the cover is so clever in making it Little things like these made me appreciate it. Spoiler free I originally sort of pushed this book to the side It sounded good, but something I would get to in the future I m not sure what pulled me back to it, but I decided I really wanted to read it My friend is a huge fan of this author hi Mo , so I knew I wanted to at least give it a try Plus, I m finding that I m really drawn to sisters stories And one of the sisters takes on part of the other sister s punishment And its a fate worse than death But the punishment isn t described and we have no idea what it could be Yes, that sounded like something I wanted to read and something I wanted to know of.After reading this one, I can understand where Mo s love of this author comes from I m ready to scream my love of this book from the rooftops.Alright, I m not quite where to start I guess I ll start with the world Wow, it was something to behold It s absolutely gorgeous, in a soft feeling kind of way There are dark parts and there are evil things that are apart of it Gods trapped beneath mountains, a mage who sends phantoms to protect the mountain, and some people who are horrible Still, the beauty of it shines through Halcyon and Evadne s home is in a grove with olive trees and it has tons of sunshine I honestly thought it was just really beautiful.And this world has mages and scribes and warriors, and I just found everything about it so brilliant I loved every part it of, from mountain with evil in its depths to the city where Evadne has to go to serve part of her sentence It fit the story really, really well and it shined through.I also really loved the characters Halcyon and Evadne were so different Halcyon is a warrior and she wants to fight Evadne is softer, but no less fierce She craves magic, but does not have any So, she finds other ways to help and her own ways to fight The sisters love each other so much and they are willing to do anything for each other Their bond was so strong and I loved seeing how much they loved each other It felt really special.The familial relationships were also something really amazing I love seeing parents who adore their children Evadne and Halcyon have a big family, and they all live in the grove together I loved all of them and I loved seeing them interact They all cared so deeply for each other.Even the characters who weren t related by blood, but shared that familial connected was something I really loved There was pain ingrained in these relationships I have to be vague because of spoilers , and situations that had no right answer to them But there is still love underneath everything I really, really liked seeing those relationships play out and how they developed It wasn t something I ve seen in a lot of books before, but I really liked see it It was complicated and it was painful, but it was also full of love.There is also a male main character that I seriously adored He was so kind He wasn t kind to make people happy or anything like that, he was kind because that s the kind of person he was I dunno, but it felt really special to me He was a really solid guy, because that s who he was at his core He was kind and I know that seems like a small word, but it felt really big to me Plus, it created the sweetest romance and some of the things he said made my heart want to explode out of my chest.I also loved how magic and the gods were integrated into this book They weaved themselves into the plot I don t quite know how to describe them other than they were fascinating.Alright, maybe I should take about the actual plot haha IT WAS VERY VERY GOOD It s cloaked in secrets and filled with that complicated pain And there are so many plot twists There was one near the beginning and even then I was shocked I loved how information was withheld from the reader to build suspense It didn t feel frustrating, it felt like a very calculated move and it created a feeling that I couldn t turn the pages fast enough It was really smart.The plot was big and was something that felt world ending But, this book is a standalone I feel like it could have been than one book, but I also like that it wasn t It s packed full of so much, but not in a way that feels overwhelming Everything that happens has it s place Plus, I liked that everything was wrapped up in the end Ah, I can t say enough good things about this book There were magical relics, hidden alliances, complicated pain, familial relationships, an amazing male character, amazing female characters, magic, scribes, mountains with evil within them, and so much I really, really loved this book It was so good ancient greek world close bond between sisters slow burn romancerebecca ross is serving. i already want a full series I d be lying if I didn t admit that the cover was the first thing that had me adding this book to my TBR It really does have a way of luring you in I have yet to read any of this author s novels, but they seem to be quite popular I look forward to finding out about this book set in Ancient Greece. I received an arc from the author and the publisher, Harper Teen in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved this beautiful book This is the third book I ve read by Rebecca Ross, and she definitely has a fan for life in me Her writing is so alluring and captivating, and I was drawn into the story from the very beginning.This standalone YA Fantasy takes place in an alternate Ancient Greek world The setting is so lush and vivid I loved the unique mythology There were 9 divines that left behind earthly relics for humankind to find that contained magical properties, and some of them were never recovered The divine that the two main characters, Halcyon and Evadne were descended from was fallen Evadne was always fascinated with magic though, and hoped that she would have it somehow Halcyon is a great fighter, and could beat the boys, and outrun everyone, and so joined the Queen s army when she was very young The two sisters were very close, and Evadne missed Halcyon terribly when she left They are about to finally be reunited after eight long years, when Halcyon arrives earlier than expected, and Evadne surmises that things have gone terribly wrong Halcyon is being hunted by her commander and the charge is murder Halcyon s life winds up being spared at her trial, but the punishment is very heavy Evadne volunteers to take part of her sentence, and get to the bottom of what happened with her sister And so begins an epic adventure, and things aren t all as they seem.I truly enjoyed the relationship between the two sisters and how strong their bond was, even though they had been apart for eight years They were truly devoted to each other and would do anything to protect the other I also loved that they came from a big loving family that all lived together in the olive grove in Isaura You could just feel the love between them all.When Evadne goes to serve her portion of Halcyon s sentence, she is sent to a city The city is full of warriors, mages, scribes, and even prisoners I love how we see Evadne grow and change and come into her own, as she s separated from her sister and her family There s a male character that she meets in the city that I completely adore He s so caring and kind, and a romance blossoms that completely made me swoon.If you enjoy stories about kick butt warriors, mages and scribes, strong females, family relationships, pain that is complex, slow burn romance, and importantly sisterhood, hope, and forgiveness, then this book is for you Do yourself a favor and add this to your TBR You won t regret it 4.25 What a beautiful book The writing was so beautiful and lyrical, the relationships incredibly deep and touching, and the Ancient Greece setting was e ve ry thing Filled with fantasy, mythology, slow burning romance, this book has everything honestly My favorite points about this book were the sisters relationship, which was so touching but also imperfect and that s what made it so pure and real I wish it was a trilogy, because I m gonna miss these characters, but it s also great that it is a standalone because I could not ask for a better ending.This book had such a nice summer atmosphere with olive groves, characters wearing chitons and a vivid picture of Ancient Greece perfectly described by the authorFailure is never final unless you choose it to be Where there is life, hope can be foundI fell in love with Rebecca Ross s writing when I read her debut novel, The Queen s Rising, back in 2018, and honestly, her books have never disappointed me since.You guys don t want to miss out this book It will be released on June 23rd and you can also pre order a signed copy on Good Choice Reading s website Thank you to the author and Edelweiss for gifting me an e ARC of this book. My classical heart just can not because this looks so good sisters ancient Greece magic and myths girls in bronze armor olive gardensancient Greece From The Author Of The Queen S Rising Comes A Thrilling YA Stand Alone Fantasy About The Unbreakable Bond Between Sisters Perfect For Fans Of Ember In The Ashes, Sky In The Deep, And Court Of FivesAfter Eight Long Years, Evadne Will Finally Be Reunited With Her Older Sister, Halcyon, Who Has Been Proudly Serving In The Queen S Army But When Halcyon Appears Earlier Than Expected, Eva Knows Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong Halcyon Is On The Run, Hunted By Her Commander And Charged With MurderThough Halcyon S Life Is Spared During Her Trial, The Punishment Is Heavy And When Eva Volunteers To Serve Part Of Halcyon S Sentence, She S Determined To Find Out Exactly What Happened But As Eva Begins Her Sentence, She Quickly Learns That There Are Fates Much Worse Than Death

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