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The Caretakers In The Isolated Estate She S Found The Perfect Getaway But There S No Escaping The Past In This Chilling Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The Unremembered Girl Filmmaker Tessa Shepherd Helped Free A Man She Believed Was Wrongly Imprisoned For Murder When He Kills Again, Tessa S Life Is UpendedShe S Reeling With Guilt, Her Reputation Destroyed Worse, Tessa S Mother Has Unexpectedly Passed Away, And Her Sister, Margot, Turns On Her After Tensions From Their Past Escalate Hounded By A Bullying Press, Tessa Needs An Escape That S When She Learns Of A Strange Inheritance Bequeathed By Her Mother A Derelict And Isolated Estate Known As Fallbrook It Seems Like The Perfect RefugeA Crumbling Monument To A Gruesome History, The Mansion Has Been Abandoned By All But Two Elderly Sisters Retained As Caretakers They Are Also Guardians Of All Its Mysteries As The House Starts Revealing Its Dark Secrets, Tessa Must Face Her Fears And Right The Wrongs Of Her Past To Save Herself And Her Relationship With Margot But Nothing And No One At Fallbrook Are What They Seem

About the Author: Eliza Maxwell

Eliza Maxwell lives in Texas with a patient man, two impatient children and a bird named Sarah When she s not working on her next novel, she stays busy trying to keep her children from some future therapist s chair You can reach her at theelizamaxwell gmail.com.

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    Though I ve been a gothic fiction junkie for years, The Caretakers is the first Eliza Maxwell novel I ve read This suspenseful, intricately plotted novel weaves together multiple interrelated storylines seamlessly than I would have expected, considering the number of characters and events involved The p

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    3 4 stars The Caretakers has two seemingly unconnected storylines The first is that of Tessa Shepherd a TV documentary maker and how her life unravels 18 months after making a programme about the false imprisonment of Oliver Barlow The second concerns the caretakers of Fallwood House, elderly sisters Kitty and De

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    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review I have read every book that Eliza Maxwell has published, and I am a big fan of her stories She just has a way with words and knows how to create a mysterious and creepy atmosphere You can t help but be sucked in and try to figure out what is going on I love

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    Absolutely brilliant There is a very specific mash of genres that combines psychological thrillers and family dramas, set in a haunting background, that I absolutely adore They are very difficult to get right, especially when they incorporate killer twists and unreliable characters.When they do end up being done well

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    I m thrilled to say that THE CARETAKERS will be released in April 2020, and I cannot wait to share it with you all In the meantime, happy reading everyone, and cheers to a wonderful rest of 2019 All the best Eliza

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    I received this from Netgalley.com for a review Filmmaker Tessa Shepherd helped free a man she believed was wrongly imprisoned for murder When he kills again, Tessa s life is upended A crumbling monument to a gruesome history, the mansion that Tessa and her twin sister inherited has been abandoned by all but two elderly

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    Absolutely enjoyed this book and one that was full of twists and turns It is not often that i am able to read a book within a day or two, but on this occasion, i did The story flowed so well and although i am not going to write what the story is about as i prefer one to read the book for themselves, i can recommend I shall

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    I have held off writing this review for days because I just wasn t sure how to rate this I ve settled on 3 stars but I m still not feeling vetted to it being either higher or lower Let me explain Several years ago I read The Grave Tender which, I believe, might be the author s first book Regardless, that book just blew me aw

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    2.5 Stars, rounded up Filmmaker Tessa Shepherd helped free a man she believed was wrongly imprisoned for murder When he kills again, Tessa s life is upended.She s reeling with guilt, her reputation destroyed Worse, Tessa s mother has unexpectedly passed away, and her sister, Margot, turns on her after tensions from their past

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    Such an amazing book It was suspenseful and had some twists and turns I thourougly enjoyed reading it and I hated to put it down I highly recommend it

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