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Red Mistress In The Wake Of The Russian Revolution, A Determined Young Woman Breaks With Her Past To Become A Spy In S Paris, Where Shadowy Intrigues And A Dangerous Romance Put Her Loyalty To The TestIn The Spring Of , Nadia Shulkina, The Daughter Of Russian Aristocrats, Looks Toward A Bright Future She Has No Premonitions Of War, Let Alone The Revolution That Is About To Destroy Her Comfortable WorldHer Once Noble Family Is Stripped Of Every Possession, And Terrible Losses Soon Follow To Save What S Left Of Her Family And Future, Nadia Marries A Zealous Bolshevik In An Act Of Calculated ReinventionIt Won T Be Her LastWhen She Agrees To Work Undercover For The Soviets In S Paris, Nadia Is Drawn Into A Beautiful Yet Treacherous World Of Secrets And Deceit Beset By Conflicting Loyalties And Tested By A Forbidden Love Affair, She Becomes Embroiled In A Conspiracy That Ends With A Shocking Murder What Chances Will She Take To Determine Her Own Fate

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    Espionage, secrets, lies, deceit, reinvention What can a young woman want than to take part in the action especially knowing she lost nearly everything her and her family possessed.Nadia marries a Bolshevik in hopes of saving her family and her future but has no idea the despair that may lie ahead with the Russian Revolution and the uncertainty aftermath.What s

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    Over the past few years, I ve become a fan of historical fiction and while most books seem to focus on WW1 or WW2, Red Mistress takes us on a journey through the Russian Revolution My ancestors are Russian, which made this story all the poignant.The story centers on Nadia, a young girl born into Russia s aristocracy Through a series of events during the Bolshevik Revolut

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    Red Mistress by Elizabeth Blackwell is an enjoyable historical fiction that encompasses the rise the rise and events of the Russian Revolution, and the immediate years thereafter.This story is about Nadia whom was a part of the Russian royals aristocracy during the time of this upheaval Many were arrested and executed A few were able to flee to other countries, where their lives we

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    I loved this book It s great historical fiction, taking place during the Russian Revolution and into the early 1930 s Nadia Shulkin s nice but not overly wealthy life is upended when the peasants revolt and her entire life goes away family, home, belongings, everything She doesn t even get a ration card, as she is regarded as a former person But Nadia is tough and she works hard to survive,

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    I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.When I initially chose Red Mistress, I was anticipating a solid espionage story set in early 1900s Russia to vary up my string of historical fiction reads What I ended up reading was much The story follows Nadia Shulkina across several decades where author, Elizabeth Blackwell, effectively portrays Nadia s character gro

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    This is a well written story that kept my attention to the end With just a little bit of intrigue woven throughout, the story will carry you through a troubled era of Russian history When the Tsar of Russia is disposed of, anyone connect to the royal family becomes a target Then begin the wars, the starvation, desolation, and across the land Communism takes hold and there are worries about Germany s Hitler Lif

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    Thanks to NetGalley for an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.So much of my beloved Historical Fiction these days is set during WWII England or France while the stories are definitely worthy of telling, the topic can get a bit stale after a while Elizabeth Blackwell s Red Mistress is a breath of fresh air.The writing is sharp, the action keeps a fairly steady pace throughout the book, and

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    Red Herring This book seemed so real that I was constantly Googling to see if various people were in fact real Only to get to the author s note at the end where Blackwell points out that at least a few characters were based on real life people but the characters did not share the names of the people they were based on From the opening opulence of Tsarist Russia just prior to WWI to the Bolshevik Revolution to the dramas of the new

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    I always enjoy reading historical fiction However, I have not read many books about the 1920 s Russia and its spy network That said, I really enjoyed this account of a woman born to a higher class family to have it taken away when the Bolsheviks emerged into power Through her own fortitude and linguistic knowledge, Nadia is able to create a new life for herself as a somewhat spy in Paris.Red Mistress give some insight on what a woman of thi

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    I absolutely adore this book It is jammed packed with action, but didn t seem too far fetched The story follows Nadia, who looses her status and belongings during the Russian Revolution She falls into a toxic marriage, and becomes a spy for the Soviet Union in France I recently took a class on European History, and am impressed with the general accuracy of the history behind the book It is clear that a lot of research went into the background The wri

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