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The Victim of the System Twenty Two Years Ago, Ike Rossi S Life Was Shattered When His Parents Were Murdered In Cold Blood He Surrendered His Football Scholarship And Returned Home To Find Their Killer And Raise His Nine Year Old Sister Now, The Crime Of A Local Ten Year Old Genius, Jack Cole, Threatens To Unearth Old Wounds Rather Than Provide The Closure Ike Desperately WantsWhen Ike Meets Jack Inside The Pittsburgh Courthouse, He Doesn T See A Murderer But Instead A Boy Who Has Been Victimized By A System That Has Left Them Both Without Justice Despite Knowing The Case Will Resurrect The Painful Demons Of His Parents Unsolved Murders, Ike Agrees To Clear Jack S Name The Court Of Public Opinion And The District Attorney Have An Airtight Case Worse, Taking Jack S Side Thrusts Ike Into The Crosshairs Of The Most Powerful Family In Pittsburgh, The FalzonesNow, With Only Days Before The Trial, Ike Confronts The Falzones Crumbling Empire To Find The Shocking Evidence That Could Save Jack At The Same Time, He Races To Decipher A Series Of Cryptic Clues From Jack S Dead Father That Could Hold The Key To His Son S Freedom But Each Step Closer To The Truth Draws Them Further Into Danger, And As Three Fractured Families Collide, Ike Is Forced To Choose Between Saving Jack And Saving HimselfThe Victim Of The System Is A Powerful And Entertaining Thriller About The Justice System, Closure And The Abyss Between Them

About the Author: Steve Hadden

About Steve Steve Hadden is the author of The Sunset Conspiracy, Genetic Imperfections, The Swimming Monkeys Trilogy, and The Victim of the System Steve believes powerful thrillers lie at the intersection of intriguing stories and intelligent characters in search of dramatic revelations with global human impact Steve was born in Columbus, Ohio but spent much of his childhood in North Severna Park, Maryland Building a short wave radio with his father an electrical engineer , frequent trips to the US Naval Academy, and the gift of a chemistry set, sparked his interest in chemistry and mathematics at an early age At the end of elementary school, Steve s family moved to Columbus, Indiana where he developed his love for basketball and where his favorite book was Stranger Than Science by Frank Edwards Two years later, Steve moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where his junior high school creative writing teacher sparked his interest in writing Steve attended North Allegheny High School and fell in love with Clive Cussler s Raise the Titanic He attended Penn State and began a career in the oil and gas business, where he s traveled to intriguing places around the world and met fascinating people His experience in the oil and gas business ultimately led to the idea for his first thriller, The Sunset Conspiracy His interest in biology and science formed the foundation for his next four thrillers, Genetic Imperfections and The Swimming Monkeys Trilogy He returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh with his latest thriller, The Victim of the System, a story with a mind bending scientific twist.Steve now lives in South Carolina When he s not working on his next intriguing thriller, Steve is walking the beach with his wife and two Labrador retrievers, playing guitar or piano, and reading great books.Visit his website at

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    Having never read anything by Steve Hadden, I picked up this book off the Kindle Unlimited shelf and hoped to find a winner With a little thriller aspect and some code breaking, I discovered an interesting piece that kept my attention throughout Jack Cole is at the centre of a custody battle, as his parents are going through a messy separation When his fa

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    This is a very good story with amazing characters described so well that they feel like friends and neighbors We start watching a young boy who hides in shrubs with a rifle poised ,pointing at the houses front door As the door opens and a man emerges a shot rings out, the man collapsing to the ground Then we see a boy pulling a red wagon wandering up the road A

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    Many thanks to Reedsy Discovery for giving me a copy of this book Actual Rating 2.5 starsThis was a disappointing book I liked the thriller aspect and the mystery of what Nick Falzone was trying to hide, and how the pacing picked up towards the end However, I felt that some of the characters were unrealistic, the really minor romance aspect was predictable, and some o

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    There is a lot to like in this book, but also a lot to not like First, what I like the writing was great The plot and pacing moved well and I read a majority of the book in one setting as this was one of those books you get in to and just can t put down I felt the character development was great, not just for our main hero but for many of the secondary characters as well You

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    Great read Ike his sister , Maria, had their parents murdered Ike gave up a career, came home raised his young sister He started another career, as an investigator He took on the powerful, rich family to bring justice to murdered people The family business was dirty, as was law enforcement, judges, DA and others Ike was going to expose them Great read Ike his sister , Maria, had the

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    First time reading from this author and was very impressed This book is a big page turner So well written that you can leave the reality of this world so easily into this book Each page you could feel as if you re the character living the life Well thought out

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    I got this book in the Goodreads giveaway Jack, a boy that kills a man he feels is responsible for his father s death He meets Ike who goes up against a rich powerful family and a corrupt system to prove that the killing was in self defense The plot and characters were easy to like and or dislike Very suspenseful and a few twist I did not recognize A good read.

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    The Victim of the System A well written, fast paced, action packed thriller, filled with suspense and an intriguing, dynamic plot The characters are interesting, well developed and likable, the good guys that is, but the bad guys fill out their roles, too This is probably the best of all of Hadden s stories, which is quite an accomplishment since his other books are also substantial reads Needs minor ed

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    This was a really interesting read You have lots of interesting and deep characters, with security investigator Ike who came home, leaving his college football scholarship behind, to look after his nine year old sister, Marie, after their parents were murdered He comes into contact with a ten year boy called Jack Cole, accused of murder but also a shy, loner genius, outside the local courthouse and finds himse

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    In The Victim Of The System, author Steve Hadden weaves a riveting thriller that follows private investigator Ike Rossi as he investigates the case of ten year old Jack Cole, who is going on trial for first degree murder of a family law attorney For Ike, this isn t your normal run of the mill investigation, it is an investigation that opens up painful memories of his own parents unsolved murder from twenty two years

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