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The Color of Compromise An Acclaimed, Timely Narrative Of How People Of Faith Have Historically Up To The Present Day Worked Against Racial Justice And A Call For Urgent Action By All Christians Today In Response The Color Of Compromise Is Both Enlightening And Compelling, Telling A History We Either Ignore Or Just Don T Know Equal Parts Painful And Inspirational, It Details How The American Church Has Helped Create And Maintain Racist Ideas And Practices You Will Be Guided In Thinking Through Concrete Solutions For Improved Race Relations And A Racially Inclusive ChurchThe Color Of Compromise Takes You On A Historical, Sociological, And Religious Journey From America S Early Colonial Days Through Slavery And The Civil WarCovers The Tragedy Of Jim Crow Laws, The Victories Of The Civil Rights Era, And The Strides Of Today S Black Lives Matter MovementReveals The Cultural And Institutional Tables We Have To Flip In Order To Bring About Meaningful IntegrationCharts A Path Forward To Replace Established Patterns And Systems Of Complicity With Bold, Courageous, Immediate ActionIs A Perfect Book For Pastors And Other Faith Leaders, Students, Non Students, Book Clubs, Small Group Studies, History Lovers, And All Lifelong LearnersThe Color Of Compromise Is Not A Call To Shame Or A Platform To Blame White Evangelical Christians It Is A Call From A Place Of Love And Desire To Fight For A Racially Unified Church That No Longer Compromises What The Bible Teaches About Human Dignity And Equality A Call That Challenges Black And White Christians Alike To Standup Now And Begin Implementing The Concrete Ways Tisby Outlines, All For A Equitable And Inclusive Environment Among God S People Starting Today

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    Wow This has to be one of if not THE most important books on race and racism I have ever read It is a historical survey of how the American church in general, especially white Christians, have largely not only failed to oppose racism but have also been culpable in creating it and preserving it While mostly just telling the truth, it has a bit of a prophetic voice as well, especially towards

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    A very painful and important read.

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    This is perhaps one of the most accessible, clear, and gentle book you might read about the history of, and acceptance of, white supremacy and black abasement of the American nation and in the American church Tisby is an historian and does not shave meaning or impact by using soft words When you read this, you understand what he is saying, directly racism in the American church was, and is, a delibe

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    History and Scripture teaches us that there can be no reconciliation without repentance There can be no repentance without confession And there can be no confession without truth Tisby s book gives a historical overview of how the white Christian church has been complicit in the promotion of racism in America from 1619 to the present day Most of the history will be familiar to you if you are al

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    I have been following Jemar Tisby s work for a couple of years now and have been eagerly anticipating the release of his new book The Color of Compromise, so when calls went out for advance readers, I raised my hand high I ve been digesting the book slowly for a few weeks and here is what most amazes me I have been reading and studying America s racial past for a while now, but this specific history of the

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    I honestly don t know how to properly review this book and I ve been trying to find words to describe what I just read Here is my pitiful attempt OVERVIEW I remember when I first read Stamped from the Beginning The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America I was horrified I knew some of racism in some of its blatant forms KKK, etc , but didn t grasp racist ideas and the influence, power, and history

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    So good, and so needed I can see how this would be hard to take in, but I have been researching and reading up on this topic for two years now and everything this book says is true How the white church responds will say a lot about us The verse that keeps popping into my head is Proverbs 27 6 Wounds from a friend can be trusted This book might wound us, but it is trustworthy and necessary I pray we humble ourselves

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    A helpful contribution to an ongoing and important conversation about the church and racism The Color Of Compromise is a survey of the American church and the evolution of racism and racialization, but also includes some thoughts about how to respond.

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    I thought Divided by Faith was helpful This is even better.

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    Summary An introductory survey of American history and the relationship of the church to racism.Racism is hard to talk about because we have a hard time agreeing with what racism is Not only are there disagreements on what the definition of racism is, but conflicts often devolve into, That was racist and I don t understand how you can say that was racist The Color of Compromise is an introductory survey of how the church has c

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Jemar Tisby is president and co founder of The Witness A Black Christian Collective He has written about race, religion, and culture for The Washington Post, CNN, Vox, Christianity Today and The New York Times He is the co host of the Pass The Mic podcast, which is frequently rated as one of the top 100 religion and faith podcasts on iTunes Tisby is a PhD student in history at the University o