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Buy the Avocado Toast There are many young adults out there who are mired in student debt, constantly comparing their lives and careers to everyone on social media and self medicating by spending money on clothes, vacations and eating out This might not sound like anything new but Stephanie Bousley s approach of tough love and then encouragement might just be something that works She preaches what she knows as she has found herself in student loan debt and has tried several career paths before hitting on just the right one The basic rule is that what worked for your parents might not work for you so pick yourself up, come up with a realistic plan and make yourself happy Most of her advice is financial but she also adds sections on mental health and career advancement A solid addition for every grad or young adult, struggling or not My thanks to the publisher for the advance copy. Conventional Wisdom Tells Us The Formula For Success Is Simple Go To School, Get A Job, Work Hard, Repeat As Needed Until You Retire But That S Just Not The Reality For Many Recent And Not So Recent Graduates Who Have Racked Up Massive Student Debt And Feel Like There S No Way Out Of That Deepening Hole So How Did One Graduate Pay Off Six Figure Student Debt And Create The Life Of Her Dreams It Turns Out, It Takes A Little CreativityIn Buy The Avocado Toast, Millenial Debtor Turned Success Story Stephanie Bousley Shares Her Journey To Financial Freedom And A Treasure Trove Of Unconventional Ideas To Help You Do The Same With Some Out Of The Box Thinking, A Few Calculated Risks, And A Whole Lot Of Faith In Yourself, You Can Rid Yourself Of The Burden Of Studen Debt And, Importanly, Crush Those Feelings Of Failure That So Often Accompany It You Are Not Your Debt You Deserve The Life You Want If You Have The Courage To Create It

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