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Ballistic (The Palladium Wars #2) I received a free eARC of this in exchange for an honest review.This suffered the same problem that the first installment did There was a whole bunch of buildup but it wasn t resolved in this volume It did move the plot forward than the first book, and it gets you almost to the point of oh yeah and then goes, nope, we ll see you next time, same Bat time, same Bat channel.If you liked the first one you will like this one, too And there is action in this There are major plot points that happen and nice space battle and planetside operations But it still hasn t dropped the big stuff Reckon we will see that in the next book Maybe Hopefully Please. copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review tl dr Finished at 2AM after a building fire alarm evac Something that can hold your attention during after something like that is definitely a damn fine tale More below Ballistic is the second in Marko Kloos Palladium Wars series I enjoyed the first book a great deal it deftly explored the aftermath of an interplanetary war, the morality and ethics of occupation, and the effects of the conflict on both occupiers and the occupied And it did all of that while managing to tell an absolutely cracking story, where fast paced, compelling action was wonderfully leavened with raw, emotional, character driven moments of humanity It was, in short, rather good So what about the sequel Well, it has all of the same facets that made the first book in the series so much fun The world well, worlds are vivid, well realised, each with their own unique mix of societies and cultures Our protagonists are engaging, with unique voices, and seeing through their eyes always feels like it adds a unique perspective to the story as that crackles along And yes, there s than enough plot here for anyone High politics Low politics Knives in the dark Some outright heroism, and moments of emotional resonance, backed by adrenaline thumping action sequences which actually made me gap than once If you want the tl dr, then this is it this is a high quality work of science fiction which will take and hold your attention, and you won t want to put it down until you re done The story takes place over multiple worlds some we ve seen before, while others are new to us I have to admit, I have a particular liking for the scenes set on Gretia, a planet which started a war with every other planet in the system, and then had the poor grace to lose Now occupied by forces form the other planets, the Gretin society is fascinating, as are the tensions within it Business people from the old political classes are restricted in their dealings Gretian police officers are paired up with non Gretian military Civilians are trying to adjust to a new reality, living with the guilt of starting a war, the shame of losing one, and the economic consequences of both Gretia is a world on the edge, trying to decide which way it ll fall Unsurprisingly, the occupiers aren t popular there, and simmering resentment is starting to build, even if it s purposeless and poisonous Gretia is a cauldron on simmer, waiting for the right demagogue to boil it over On the other hand, it s also a place with people like Solveig heiress to one fo Gretia s largest interplanetary businesses, thrust into the role after her unpleasantly political father has been locked out, she really wants to do the right thing To cut deals, yes, but to make good ones, with old friends and new, to try and put Gretia s past behind and make something This is the younger generation, strikign out for themselves or, in some cases, falling back into the dry embrace of a dead past Solveig though, is energetic, driven and perceptive She can see the power structure of her company, and the way it still revolves around the fierce intelligence of her father, who is no less a sharp businessman for his unapologetic views on the lost war and whose regrets over losing it are oozingly self justifying They make an interesting pair, fencers face to face, one trying to make something of his daughter, the other trying to get out from under the shadow of her father and become what she needs to be It s a lovely dynamic, and Solveig s efforts to turn Gretian commerce around are quietly compelling, if less explosive than others Solveig also takes us to all sorts of exciting new places, about which I ll say little, except thaat they re richly imaginative, and very well drawn indeed Then there s Idina If Solveig is the new Gretia, Idina is their nightmares come to life A member of the elite ground troops of their occupying enemies Idina is fast with a gun, faster with a blade, and has so much technological backup inside her armoured suit that you d need an anti tank rifle to put a dent in her Idina is great fun to follow, because she will take absolutely no crap A senior NCO, she s not just a one hit warrior, swinging madly into crowds but a thoughtful, analytical individual, always maintaining situational awareness, ready to leap into action occasionally literally at a moment s notice Idina humanises the Gretian s enemies not forgiving the cromes of their leaders, but perhaps softeninig on the populace as a whole She s fierce, smart, and taking absolutely no crap, which meant the pages turned very fast during her chapters In this, she s ably assisted by her Gretian partner she nominally supervises the other woman s work Of course, Idina is military, not police, so really it s that the two are learning to come together, to rub along without strife, to see each other s strengths and weaknesses, to put aside preconceptions that were shaped by years of now quiescent conflict, and make something better ANd you know what, it works This is a slowly warming friendship, opening up by degrees, and the role that the two fill, investigating weapons caches and rising terror threats against civilian targets on Gretia, is utterly fascinating Solveig s brother is another viewpoint the black sheep, ex military, a man with false papers, living on a courier vessel which might, sometimes, take on a cargo that s a little bit grey market Living on the boundaries of things, and just trying to make a life for himself as something other than his past a past which the world just won t let go of Of course, being a scion of one of the most famous families on Gretia wouldn t help that if anyone knew, anyway The slow growth of camraderie and loyalty that Aden has for his crew is genuinely warming, and their jaunts through space with a cargo of a somewht mysterious nature make for interesting reading Aden s quieter, contemplative, and the threats his crew face tend toward the personal the knife in the dark, the offer that s also a threat Another perspective on evolving, complex situations Which leaves Dunstan, captain of a non Gretian warship, trying to stave off piracy and work out exactly what s making so many ships disappear, if it s not piracy in his spare time Dunstan s military approach is direct, honourable, but still has some room for wit, guile and manoeuvre He s someone we can trust, looking at the direct threats out of the window to the stars I shan t say without spoilers, but his sections are always riveting Bringing all of these characters and their myriad stories toward a conclusion without us losing the thread is quite a task, but it s done wonderfully here There s always enough from any given viewpoint to advance the story, to answer a few questions, to leave us asking , to push toward a climax, or allow for a moment of personal tragedy, or triumph And tying the whole ball of string together is seriously impressive The story works, it ticks along with the precision of a finely made watch You ll find yourself stopping to eat dinner, wondering where the time went.and then wondering how it got to be three in the morning before you put the book down This is a story with a lot of really interesting themes to lay upon and questions to ask, but it s also a personal story, a character driven story, and also, a story with rather a lot of snappy action and, er, explosions What it is, in the end, is a really good read So,if you wondered if this sequel was worth your time, I can only say this yes Give it a go, you won t regret it. There Is A Personal Price To Pay For Having Aligned With The Wrong Side In A Reckless War For Aden Jansen It S The Need To Adopt A New Identity While Keeping His Past Hidden Now He S Integrated Himself Aboard The Zephyr, A Merchant Ship Smuggling Critical Goods Through Dangerous Space But Danger Is Imminent On Planet Gretia, As Well Under Occupation, Torn Between Postwar Reformers And Loyalists, It S A Polestar For Civil UnrestMeanwhile An Occupation Forces Officer Is Pulled Right Back Into The Fray When The Battle Alarm Is Raised, An Ambitious Heiress Is Entangled In A Subversive Political Conspiracy, And An Allied Captain Is About To Meet The Enemy Head OnAs Aden Discovers, The Insurgents On Gretia And In Space Are Connected, Organized, And Ready To Break Into Full Scale Rebellion History Is Threatening To Repeat Itself It S Time That Aden Rediscovers Who He Is, Whom He Can Trust, And What He Must Fight For Now After the unexpected hit Aftershocks the first volume of this series review here , which made my top 5 last year, Ballistic went straight to the top of my 2020 wanted books and luckily I got an advanced copy in early January The novel starts a few months after the end of Aftershocks to give a little breathing space for the characters to settle and continues the 4 way viewpoints from space travel Aden , space military Dunstan , police work on Gretia and the budding insurgency Idina and the corporate world of Gretia Solveig this time there is a lot of balance as Solveig who in Aftershocks was of a secondary character as her viewpoint had fewest pages and was fairly passive becomes important and finally, she and of course us finds out why Aden left the family so dramatically 17 years ago another cool tidbit is that in the local Gaia calendar it is now year 923 as Solveig is 23 and was born in 900 per Aden s reminiscences while the 4 year war took place 5 years back so 914 918 We get to see Pallas and Acheron this time at least the station Pallas 1 and Coriolis City on Acheron and of course, a lot happens in Sandvik the capital of Gretia and still largest city in the system , while in the last volume we saw Oceana and some of Rhodia, so only Hades which is far away, near the Sun, so accessible only by specially built ships with lots of shielding and redundancy is the one planet we just have heard of so far.The story is as absorbing as in the first volume and the book impossible to put down while many things happen the ending while not quite on a literal cliffhanger is at a very dramatic point and volume 3 promises a lot there is action and even space battles, while Aden finally gets to use his linguistic skills in an essential way of the secondary characters, the most interesting are the unflappable Gretian police captain Dahl whom we find out that she is 52 and three years from retirement but still loves patrolling the streets of Sandvik, the Oceanian ship doctor Tristan, also in his 50 s and a veteran spacer with an interesting past from what we infer from his interactions with Aden, and of course Falk Ragnar who is still the tough big boss despite being in his 70 s and officially banned from his company by the peace treaty, though Solveig finally starts being openly independent rather than always humoring him and just trying to elude her minders who report all her actions to her fatherOverall a great sequel bringing enough new stuff but also lots of continuity and balance, the storyline goes up one notch and the ending is quite dramatic so volume 3 is another huge asap highly recommended though of course, one should start with AftershocksHere is a small fragment from Idina s pov that I quite enjoyed and has no spoilers We have put in a request for a detention order But the Hall of Justice is not working off its backlog very quickly They expect to have an order ready by the end of the week The guy is converting illegal military weapons for the black market, and the Hall of Justice thinks that s not an urgent enough matter, Idina summarized That s not very efficient They issue the detention orders, Dahl said We have to wait for one before we can search his place That is the way the system works If I start searching homes without judicial consent, the system is no longer in place Without the system, I am not a police officer any Just someone with a weapon and a meaningless word written on my armor And then can claim the right to search my place, too, as long as he brings a bigger gun Idina felt a pang of irritation at Dahl s calm and matter of fact chastening Every day, the woman confirmed some of her prejudices about Gretians and then completely dispelled them again. Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and I enjoyed this one very much too If you are looking for the really deep philosophical scifi, maybe this one isn t it, but if you like good pacing, great characters and lots of action and fun, this is just a really good series I will definitely be looking for the next volume there d better be a next volume Very enjoyable read This book will be very familiar if you read book one in this series The story follows the same characters in the same fashion as the first The book starts off somewhat slow but builds up as the story moves along, also much like the first book The author is very talented you notice a lot of attention to detail every aspect of the story is realized in full detail and wonderful color It s only a shame that we have to wait so long until the next installment arrives I have to say I really like how the book spent next to zero time rehashing events that took place in book one. What if you fought a wrongful war and lost What if you were the bad guy What if the perpetrators act like the victim and hate rises again The second book in Marko Kloos Palladium Wars continues right were the first book left off The peace after the victory of the Alliance over the armies of Gretia is suddenly threatened by insurgence The players are yet unknown and event move forward at a brisk pace This is not a story about a people looking for penance or redemption, this is a tightly written story about conflict, lies and the atrocities of war The scars left on those who suffered and those who perpetrated horrors Some never learn, some evils always come back As a German, many of the events described after the war bring memories of stories told in my childhood About soldiers returning after the war, after they were released from being prisoners of war About occupation, to protect the world from the threat your country posed About resentment and unrest and maybe something even bigger There is no excuse made for the atrocities of war The writing is crisp The different strands form a cohesive world and we learn about the characters, we get to know them and what drives them We see hints of what may be out there until all hell breaks lose The second book is even better than Aftershocks The narrative moves forward and as the stories unfolds, tension rises In many aspects this series is very different from the first series It s reminiscent of the world building in The Expanse Physics exist, actions have consequences I can t wait to see where the story goes and who is behind the uprising This is a great continuation and I highly recommend it I got this ARC for an honest review from the publisher. Ballistic by Marko Kloos Sequel to last years Aftershock and a very good space opera to boot It s been five years in this relatively recent colonized system since an all out civil war devastated everyone One planet decided all should be under their rule, but was defeated through great effort and sacrifice Each society is unique and well developed for their environment The story continues, as in Aftershocks, following the individual stories of four people dealing in their own way with the aftermath of the war and the unpleasantness that followed Great world building and great character development raises this story above the normal slam bang military space operas, and becomes a very enjoyable read My only complaint is that by book s end there is not much resolution to the story, only a promise that there s to come I ll be waiting One thing is certain Marko Kloos knows how to write a sci fi story Just like in the first book in the series he once again leaves us on another cliff hanger I can even hear his evil, maniacal laughter as he types the ending He builds and builds the story and just when it is ramping up to its climax he ends it and just leaves you hanging Sigh I seriously wasn t ready for the story to end.Ballistic begins a few months after the events of the first book and once again we follow the stories of Aden, Dunstan, Idina, and Solvieg Aden and his crew mates agree to transport an item no questions asked But Aden is smart and starts asking questions Dunstan and his crew answer the distress call of a completely destroyed ship, but also answers another call from a familiar ship Idina and her Gretian police partner investigate a man with an unauthorized weapon that leads to unattended consequences While Solvieg starts exerting a little independence from her father and receives an opportunity to visit the planet Acheron for the first time.Even though I really enjoyed everyone s story in Aftershocks, I couldn t quite get into Idina s storyline as much as the others In Ballistic, my appreciation toward this character grew quite a bit while Aden s story will always feel like the main one and Dunstan is my personal favorite, I found Idina s story much engaging and followed her and Dahl s police investigative work very closely I also loved how Solvieg started making strides to becoming her own woman against her father wishes Anything she does to irritate her father and break away from his control I am definitely for.I enjoy the world Marko Kloos has created in this series The characters, the societies, the planets All the worlds have their own style and personalities and in Ballistic we get to take a closer look at them than in the first book Here we get to see how the planet s society has adapted to the planet s atmosphere.Overall, if you love space opera and military science fiction then this is definitely a science fiction book to recommend.Thanks to Netgalley and 47North for advanced reader copy and opportunity to provide an honest review. Marko Kloos s works are kind of my comfort read now He might not be full of twists and turns and his plotting is almost always as straight as an arrow, but he is good in making clean narratives with engaging characters that flow within an interesting made up world His military knowledge gives him edge, of course, so you know you ll enjoy authenticity in the stories as well as the action.Ballistic continues to be a great but light entertainment for me I am fully invested in the characters arcs the tropes used are not annoying at all, they just felt comfortable In Aftershocks we were introduced to a world still recuperating from years of wars and the original invader had to deal with the consequences, while facing threats of rebellion from the so called losing side who s not afraid of terror attacks He might be inspired with what happened in the Gulf Wars, but now in a much grander scale I absolutely enjoyed the arc of Idina the Palladian soldier when she had to balance her military training and crowd control when she was embedded in the police force of a former enemy planet It takes totally different training policing seems very much unpredictable as you often don t know where your next attack will come from especially in public space Her friendship with a vet female police officer was refreshing I wish SFF have of these mature, highly capable women s friendship and bonding.I could not wait for the next installment Thank you Netgalley and 47North for the review copy

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