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Oona Out of Order A Remarkably Inventive Novel That Explores What It Means To Live A Life Fully In The Moment, Even If Those Moments Are Out Of OrderIt S New Year S Eve , And Oona Lockhart Has Her Whole Life Before Her At The Stroke Of Midnight She Will Turn Nineteen, And The Year Ahead Promises To Be One Of Consequence Should She Go To London To Study Economics, Or Remain At Home In Brooklyn To Pursue Her Passion For Music And Be With Her Boyfriend As The Countdown To The New Year Begins, Oona Faints And Awakens Thirty Two Years In The Future In Her Fifty One Year Old Body Greeted By A Friendly Stranger In A Beautiful House She S Told Is Her Own, Oona Learns That With Each Passing Year She Will Leap To Another Age At Random And So Begins Oona Out Of OrderHopping Through Decades, Pop Culture Fads, And Much Needed Stock Tips, Oona Is Still A Young Woman On The Inside But Ever Changing On The Outside Who Will She Be Next Year Philanthropist Club Kid World Traveler Wife To A Man She S Never Met Surprising, Magical, And Heart Wrenching, Margarita Monti Has Crafted An Unforgettable Story About The Burdens Of Time, The Endurance Of Love, And The Power Of Family

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    Oh boy, WTH I just finished My head should stop spinning What s that smell Did I burn the dinner again Oh, no I haven t cooked anything for 2 years There is an alarm sensing my footsteps as I take only one step in the kitchen So it can t be What a minute Th

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    This was a great book I wasn t sure if I would like this book Reading the premise I immediately thought of the old show Quantum Leap This was so much better than expected Oona was a great character I was fully invested in her story and wanted to just keep readingandI

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    4.5 stars.As if life isn t complicated enough without time travel How long til my soul gets it right Indigo Girls, Galileo NYC, 1982 It s New Year s Eve At midnight, Oona will turn 19 She s exactly where she wants to be at a party with her beloved boyfriend and friends, and th

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    Definitely in the minority in this one Oona drove me crazy Well, I saw enough like minded reviews not to feel too absurd in giving this only 3 stars I have to admit I am really disappointed It started out very strong, my interest was held and then it just fizzled right out You ve all se

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    Wow what a book The perfect blend of angst, romance, pop culture, and time travel When I read the blurb for this book I was intrigued, sounded like such a fun concept And while this book was a lot of fun it was SO muchThought provoking and emotional The book really gave you lots to think about, w

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    5 Perfect Escape Read Stars Book friends, I LOVED this book I devoured it in 2 days It provided the perfect escape from our dismal reality right now It was innovative, fun, emotional, though provoking and very well written I am not a huge time travel reader but the way it was done here was so intriguing Oo

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    Oona Out of Order by Margarita Monti 9 in 2020 Thank you to libro.fm and flatironbooks for my advanced audio version of this newbie If I could describe this book, it would be a combination of Thirteen Going on Thirty yusss, Jennifer Garner mixed with the ghost of Christmas past from A Christmas Carol mixed with any

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    Rounded up from 3.5 stars The premise caught my attention what if one woman doesn t live her life linearly, but completely out of order, one year at a time On the eve of her nineteenth birthday, Oona is in a good place at a New Year s Eve party with the man she loves, counting down to both the new year and a new year in her o

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    BOOK REVIEW Oona Out of Order by Margarita MontiPub Date February 25, 2020352 pages DESCRIPTION It s New Year s Eve, 1982, and Oona Lockhart is about to celebrate her 19th birthday At the stroke of midnight, the adventure begins We learn that Oona, every birthday, age 19 and on, is lived out of order for one year Her chronological age

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    I loved this book so much that my only real complaint is that I think it should have been written as a series so that we could spendtime in each of Oona s asynchronous years.

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