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The Book of Skills and Tools Everything you need to know about tools, hardware, building materials, and techniques in order to successfully complete any do it yourself project in or around your home More thanhand tools, power tools, and their accessories in color with clear instructions

10 thoughts on “The Book of Skills and Tools

  1. Susan Susan says:

    I am not sure where I got this book nor why I keep it When it come to building and tools I have few skills and little knowledge However, it does say something positive about the book that I persist on keeping it through moves and decluttering processes The book is packed with the information promised in the title, well laid out and well illustrated I appreciate the promise of it who knows one day when I own my own place I might well put it to good use

  2. Robert Munnings Robert Munnings says:

    Great introduction to working with your hands and learning woodwork, carpentry, painting, masonry, metalwork and welding, etc Contains lots of illustrations and diagrams along with photos which helps explain what is happening A fantastic book

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