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Whisper Network Listen Whisper Network is a timely and powerful read about four women working in corporate America who band together to stop the whispers and speak up about sexual harassment and assault in the workplace This is part mystery part women s fiction, and part social commentary told through the voices of four women They are done covering for their predator of a boss They hear the whispers that surround him they have been subjects of the gossip Some are his victims, while others have been compliant in covering up his crimes Their jobs, reputations, and marriages are at stake so they pretend nothing ever happened They just try and function day to day without focusing on what was done to them or still being done to them They are vulnerable, real, and raw They aren t always the best people, but when it comes time to stand up for one another, they take charge.They decide to stop whispering and speak up While they were prepared to have to defend themselves in the process of speaking up, what they weren t prepared to face was being accused of murder I have to say I didn t love these characters they are not the most likable, but they grew on me By the end, I felt like I knew them and I was surprised by how emotional I was reading the final pages Whisper Network offers an honest look at how women are treated in the workplace Not only by how they are treated by men, but also how women treat one another This is an important and provocative read about the power of speaking up for those who don t have a voice Our legacy would be our words Shouted out loud For all to hear We were done petitioning to be believed We were finished requesting the benefit of the doubt We weren t asking for permission The floor was ours I won a copy of this book in a GR giveaway Extraordinary read Transcends imagination This combines thriller, general fiction and womens issues A book I couldn t help but read straight through.A novel which hits every nerve A book of betrayal A book that made me weep tears of experience.Women work jobs which seemed out of reach in my young up and coming years But as high administration, I signed away my rights to legal action for a two week check and a nondisclosure agreement.Ignorance, lies and stories which circulate destroy reputations Ruin future prospects These issues affect both men and women Because, although the majority of cases are true, some are not And the scars are permanent.Laws to protect an employee following the termination of a job, especially by the employee, are not observed Whispers destroy careers.Lies begin with whispers And whispers stay in your ears forever Rumbling around as regret, what might have happened,if only.This book will have you wondering, about who is guilty, who is lying and who caused a death.Read and learn.Impeccably written Incredibly real characters and plot gifted by the gods Highly recommended A MUST READ 4.5 STARS An corporate office full of whispers, tension, and secrets MeTOO BuzzyBook If you are tired of predictable thrillers that seem too formulaic, give this time bomb of secrets, lies, and regrets a go It still has the feel of a thriller, but so much.I was drawn into the whole atmosphere of Truviv, Inc The tension that developed after the CEO s sudden death, what that would mean for the women who had worked there for years, and the anxiety that surrounded his replacement This prompts an increase in the whispers and banding together of the women I felt like I really got to know the women and was happy they supported each other So much to think about When the women decide enough is enough, things get wildly out of control and the consequences to everyone s actions come into question Who will survive Who is telling the truth Who has something to hide I enjoyed the structure of the eye accounts, past present chapters, deposition transcripts, employee statements and interviews It really kept the story moving and interesting.A timely, important topic and a shocker of an ending Highly Recommend Thanks to Flat Iron Books for my advanced copy OUT ON JULY 2, 2019 Four powerful, provocative, remarkable, outstanding, effective, encouraging, the women s story who knows to say no and who are ready to fight back stars This is amazing mashup of Big Little Lies office version and 80 s movie Tomlin, Parton, Fonda Nine to Five s dramatic version takes place at now Add some media power and sexual abuse cases We have a great book in our hands Imagine a business world dominated by powerful men who see women as expendable objects, needed to be terminated if they create any small obstacles on their way to climb the highest stairs to the top of the world We don t need to imagine Because this is not a fiction We re living in this world described meticulously and impeccably on this book There is no exaggeration Every word is so true Corporate business life resembles a chaotic jungle and still Darwin s theory of Survival of the fittest stands So the women have to wear boxing gloves and sharpen their knives or nails, pick up their best weapon to fight back and survive to be a leader or take a permanent place at this jungle Which means we need to learn how to be a wild animal Everything started with the whispers at the restrooms on this book Then whispers get louder and turned into the speeches and finally action spoke louder than the words We finally heard the SCREAM However the story is told by four different women who have their own flaws, secrets, families and different ethical approaches to achieve their business goals, they re carrying their ambitions in their sleeves, I really like Rosalita instead of these four women She was objective, insightful one , while she is working as cleaning lady and dusting the windows of Truviv, she also opens different doors and let us see the different perspective of the story Her own story was heart wrenching and emotional, genuine for me.As a matter of fact this book was not about solving the murder mystery and understanding which one of them is guilty It was about learning to listen to those women at first and then learning to believe in them It was about to know your rights, to be brave enough to stand for your own self.The final pages are so emotional, bending your heart, breaking it in million pieces, making you cry so hard The revelations of secrets parts are a little confusing for me I asked myself to many times which secret belongs to who I made some re readings, problem solved But still my mind got hurt It was like solving an equation with hundred variables.Message is clear SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF DON T WHISPER JUST SHOUT OUT LOUD It s one of the greatest feminism manifest I ve read lately So I mostly enjoy it I started reading Whisper Network on 6 24 2019 and finished it on 6 30 2019 This book was well written though I started to read expecting thrills in a thriller but I m left with going through the motions of waiting for when the thrills will begin, all the way up to page 209 out of page 392 The second half is a bit better but I wouldn t say it was thrilling This story focuses on the metoo movement where women come together against men for sexual harassment They whisper to each other what they went through Of the four views, I like Ardie best She s funny She said she gave them a look that would shrivel testicles into raisins and that really make me smile She s real and not pretentious I don t like Sloane She s a bit of a bully, to her friends at work and husband at home She just makes decisions and expect everyone to go along with it.This book is told in the third person point of view following Grace, Director of Compliance as she pumps milk for her newborn and receives the news about their company s CEO s untimely death The second view is Sloane, Senior Vice President as she s running late to an office meeting from her parenting duties at her daughter s school The third view is Rosalita, cleaning lady to where Grace, Ardie, and Sloane works The fourth view is Ardie, lawyer in tax, who now joins the dating apps at 42 even though all she wants is being married to her ex husband and sharing life with their adopted son They all chat about people they work with, especially their boss Ames, General Counsel who could be the next CEO Between chapters, there are employee statements, courtroom battles, news clippings, interviews, chat messages, etc dating in the past and future This book started out in the present and then going back to 2 months ago with activities leading up to.Whisper Network is for the most part, a women s fiction It leads on with working mothers in the corporate world against their male counterparts Women having to deal with children at home and remember to answer questions at work without blaming mother duties Grace feels resentful when anyone would ask her if she will come back to work after giving birth to her daughter because no one would ask her husband that question Each chapter begins with discussions about women problems as compared to men One of the women problems is the complain of injecting chemicals into their face like Botox, as if everyone can afford it So no, I don t consider that as my problem The ending was good I could guess some but not all If you enjoy a slow burning story building then this book is for you Pro working mothers, corporate lawyers, diversity, work friendshipCon slow paced, thrill factor is low throughoutI rate it 3.5 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to Flatiron Books for the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honest.xoxo,Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com for details The Whisper Network by chandler Baker was entertaining but boy did I struggle with this one for the first 200 pages I had seen where many readers have compared this one to Big Little Lies and I have to agree they are quite silimiar and this is probably why I picked this one up in the first place but I didnt find it as witty or as compelling as Big Little Lies.The book does have The me too campaign at the heart of its story as Four women Sloane, Ardie, Grace and Rosalita have worked in the same legal office of a large firm for a number of years, but when the CEO dies suddenly, his replacement to be Ames has a murky past and all the women have a different relationship with Ames and have reasons to put a stop to this man s Advances The book is realistic in its identification what some women encounter and have had to put up with in the workplace and I can see this one being a big book club hit this season as plenty to discuss here The book works on many levels, with a suspenseful and entertaining plot but my problem with the novel was that the characters were indistinguishable from each other for the first half of the story, Sloane, Ardie and Grace just seemed to blend together and I had a hard time keeping track of who was who, I really didn t like or connect with any of them either I very nearly put this one into the DNF pile as it just didn t hold my attention but a friend encouraged me to stick with it as it would pick up in the second half and she was right it did turn out to be quite readable and I liked the ending Not one for my Favourites list but a book that was worth reading even if I did struggle through it. Of all the stories from female authors that have been published this month, this is the one Reese chooses for her book club I mean it s her book club, she can do whatever she wants, but I normally understand why a book is highlighted and right now I m confused While this is a timely story with somewhat meaningful commentary on womanhood, wifehood, motherhood and the power relations at play on the work field between men and women, the plot itself is nothing captivating because nothing new is actually being said And I could not stand the narration style It reminded me too much of those TV series that have a narrator narrating everything that is happening, even though the viewer is able to understand that on their own There were many series like that in Romania, where I spent time this summer, and they drove me absolutely crazy For example, you see a woman on the screen approaching another person and you hear the narrator say, Alicia doesn t know how to approach Clive She is deeply in love with him but is afraid to show her real feelings because she doesn t want to be rejected Omg stop The writing is good, though The author does over describe or over explain but she does so in a way that is straight forward and clear, not confusing or unnecessarily purple y The story is not what is promised I was promised a thriller or at least an interesting mystery but it s a very soft type of mystery that is only a mystery because most of us are human beings who cannot read the future and so cannot predict what will happen in twenty, fifty, two hundred pages If you don t care that little will shock or surprise you and you simply want to read a story about female bonds, ambition and revenge with different not quite memorable POVs and an unconventional narration style, I will not keep you from reading this book.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Four women learn their boss a man who s always been surrounded by rumors about how he treats women is next in line to be CEO what will happen when they decide enough is enough Sloane, Ardie, Grace, and Rosalita are four women who have worked at Truviv, Inc., for years The sudden death of Truviv s CEO means their boss, Ames, will likely take over the entire company Ames is a complicated man, a man they ve all known for a long time, a man who s always been surrounded bywhispers Whispers that have always been ignored by those in charge But the world has changed, and the women are watching Ames s latest promotion differently This time, they ve decided enough is enough Sloane and her colleagues set in motion a catastrophic shift within every floor and department of the Truviv offices All four women s lives as women, colleagues, mothers, wives, friends, even adversaries will change dramatically as a result If only you had listened to us, they tell us on page one, none of this would have happened. 2.75 stars The idea was there, but ultimately, the execution was not.I tried really hard to like this book, especially since it should have been perfectly designed for me I work in a male dominated corporate environment and my major in college saw me as 1 of 2 females in a class of 40 50 young men All but one of my professors were men as well So I was excited to read this and cheer on the characters as they fought against misogyny and chauvinistic attitudes when they appeared as they tried to climb the corporate ladder or at least deem themselves as equals to their male colleagues Alas, I was left deeply disappointed and am sitting here wondering what all the fuss is about Don t get me wrong, there were some parts of this where I was mentally fist pumping along that s me I feel that way too I experienced that , but those sentiments were mostly felt in reading the general chapter openings you ll see what I mean when you read it and the author s note Not during the story, which I felt lacked in execution sorry The likeability of the characters didn t bother me I thought it also served in making me think because there are so many conflicting thoughts in trying to be a woman today I find myself explaining to myself and other women when this subject comes up, that it s so hard to try and re program our own thoughts and opinions on things because the way things always were is just so ingrained it even makes it difficult to notice the subtly of wrongs because everything isn t always so blatant I think this was a good first step, but I imagine there will be a slew of other books written about the metoo movement that will be better As mentioned in my comments below, I really enjoyed the author s note and it is such a shame because I know exactly how she feels and where she wanted to go with this I just can t force myself to say that I liked this when I had trouble keeping track of the characters they all blended together to me for some reason , had no idea where it was going until around 200 pages in and felt it kind of winked and nodded a little too much to the format of Big Little Lies. 3.5 starsWritten as a response to the metoo movement and the various sexual harassment scandals that have made headlines over the past few years, author Chandler Baker s propulsive new book Whisper Network is an interesting look into corporate elite culture and a male dominated work environment where whispers and rumors abound The story s powerful opening line sets the trajectory of the narrative into motion If only you d listened to us, none of this would have happened The narration alternates between the perspectives of 4 women Sloane, Ardie, Grace, and Roselita all employees of a fictious sports brand corporation in Dallas called Truviv, Inc who are affected to varying degrees by the sudden death of the company s CEO Desmond Bankole As the next in line to take over the CEO role, Ames Garrett is used to having things go his way in both his personal as well as professional life and is looking towards this highly anticipated promotion to cap a decades long illustrious career Things go according to the expected trajectory for Ames that is, until the whispers that have surrounded him finally come to a head amidst accusations of sexual harassment by the women in his workplace who are tired of their complaints being ignored As Ames world comes crashing down, so too does that of the 4 women who decided to speak up against him, as long held secrets come to light that threaten to hinder their efforts This was an interesting read, also a timely and relevant one given what has been happening in society the past few years The author Chandler Baker did a good job depicting the struggles that many women encounter in the workplace, especially in the corporate environment where majority of the highest ranking executive positions are still largely dominated by men In addition to the core narrative surrounding the 4 women at the center of the story, there were also snippets of police interviews interspersed throughout that provided clues as to some of the events that happen as well as some background information on the characters, which I thought was cleverly done Another aspect that made this story so relatable was the way Baker incorporated real life events into the narrative, things that I had read about in the news such as the spreadsheet that had been circulated around a few months back or had either experienced or witnessed personally in the corporate business world that I ve worked in for many years Sexual harassment can manifest itself in different ways in the workplace, especially in an office setting, where sometimes the lines can easily become blurred or situations such as being subject to a hostile work environment are less recognizable as an offense that can also constitute harassment for me, it was refreshing to finally see an author bring these issues to the forefront in the form of a fictional story, which I feel is powerful in terms of raising awareness than a non fiction format With all that said, the aspect of this book that didn t work too well was classifying it under the mystery thriller genre, as I felt the suspense element was truly lacking throughout the story This was not a book that kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happens and to be honest, the plot was actually quite predictable even the ending I already saw coming and had already worked out most of it by the time I reached that part of the story Regardless though, this was still a worthy read in my opinion, one that has a strong message delivered in a way that hit all the key points but didn t come across as overbearing I m glad I read this and would readily recommend it, especially for those who work in a corporate setting currently Received ARC from Flatiron Books via NetGalley

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