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Chosen Ones The First Novel Written For An Adult Audience By The Mega Selling Author Of The Divergent Franchise Five Twenty Something Heroes Famous For Saving The World When They Were Teenagers Must Face Even Greater Demons And Reconsider What It Means To Be A Hero By Destiny Or By ChoiceA Decade Ago Near Chicago, Five Teenagers Defeated The Otherworldly Enemy Known As The Dark One, Whose Reign Of Terror Brought Widespread Destruction And Death The Seemingly Un Extraordinary Teens Sloane, Matt, Ines, Albie, And Esther Had Been Brought Together By A Clandestine Government Agency Because One Of Them Was Fated To Be The Chosen One, Prophesized To Save The World With The Goal Achieved, Humankind Celebrated The Victors And Began To Mourn Their Lost Loved Ones Ten Years Later, Though The Champions Remain Celebrities, The World Has Moved Forward And A Whole, Younger Generation Doesn T Seem To Recall The Days Of Endless Fear But Sloane Remembers It S Impossible For Her To Forget When The Paparazzi Haunt Her Every Step Just As The Dark One Still Haunts Her Dreams Unlike Everyone Else, She Hasn T Moved On She S Adrift No Direction, No Goals, No Purpose On The Eve Of The Ten Year Celebration Of Peace, A New Trauma Hits The Chosen The Death Of One Of Their Own And When They Gather For The Funeral At The Enshrined Site Of Their Triumph, They Discover To Their Horror That The Dark One S Reign Never Really Ended I didn t love the Divergent trilogy and I ve not picked up Carve the Mark yet but I m still adding this First Leigh Bardugo now Veronica Roth time to see some YA authors tackle the adult genre After the train wreck holy mother of god this cover is ugly She was by the river, the cold air burning her lungs, as she stared across the bridge at the Dark One right before their last battle Part of her always would be2 1 2 stars I realized somewhere in the last seventy or so pages of Chosen Ones that I could very easily turn this into a positive review Threads were coming together, showcasing Roth s clever plotting, just as the action picked up and secrets came to light There s sprinkles of humourPlease, for the love of God, don t be one of those villains who waxes poetic about existentialist nonsense, because if you are, I really will have to cut you, she said. And all of this adds up to a book that, looking back, makes me understand why the critics and probably a lot of other readers will love it But I just found it so so slow and boring How much slog makes the goods worth it I think your answer to that may decide whether you will enjoy this book or not.For me, it was a real struggle to push through I genuinely only made myself finish this book because it is the third book I ve read in the last six months that is a popular YA author s adult debut the others being Ninth House and House of Earth and Blood, respectively and I DNFed the first two I figured conspiracy theorists might think I was a book hating bot working for the dark side if I DNFed yet another And if you re thinking after three books, maybe it s YOU, then don t worry, I have already had that thought myself.This one is almost like a sequel to any YA fantasy novel where the chosen ones have saved the world It looks at what happens ten years later when they re all grown up, miserable and traumatized, dealing with depression, addiction and PTSD Part One of this book is all about their adult lives now the daily struggle post world saving The world saving itself is mentioned only vaguely in these first 120 pages.I was definitely intrigued by the premise, but it very quickly became dull when so little was happening Then Part Two gets a little wild at first so I was thinking Right, yes, now we re getting to the good stuff But then that, too, dampens and seems to consist of the characters wandering around or having training sessions a mind numbing part of Roth s Carve the Mark, I seem to recall where the characters modulate the strength of their magical breath.I also think a major factor that didn t help with the slowness was the third person narrative I don t know if it is supposed to make the book seem serious and grown up, but a book like this, with an MC like Sloane a complex, difficult person dealing with a lot of trauma would really benefit from being written in first person I think the third person narrative unnecessarily keeps us at a distance that makes the narrative cold and unengaging Aside from being slower and convoluted, there s still a strong YA vibe running through Chosen Ones The characters may be older, but they certainly feel stuck in their teenage heads The conversations seemed like ones that would happen in any YA fantasy I don t think this is necessarily a bad thing, though, just not what I was expecting from an adult fantasy debut.The ending does make me want to know what happens next, but I don t know if I can sit through another slow novel of this size I may need someone to spoil the sequel for me.Facebook Instagram Sometimes Sloan wondered if the world had been worth saving2.5 stars Sloan s character really was the redeeming factor for this novel She was coated in an assortment of layers and I was never exactly sure what she would do next The storyline progressed like a herd of turtles Once one thing was over the group of Chosen Ones would move on to something else while meandering about their day to day business I wasn t exactly sure the direction the story was going until the middle end of Part Two Part One p.1 121 Since the beginning picks up in the aftermath of events that are at this point unknown to the reader, a lot of the beginning was a little confusing about exactly what had happened You pick up pieces here and there throughout Part One about what happened to them 10 years when they defeated the Dark One Other than trying to figure out what happened 10 years ago, it s mainly about their lives and relationships with each other since defeating the Dark One a decade ago Part 2 p.123 284 Something happens, and it s exciting But halfway through, it gets back to that slow crawl again Part 3 p.285 419 Stays at a moderate pace until the twist Can t tell you the rest I was happy with the ending, which is set up nicely for a sequel The ending did answer a lot of my questions Things started to come together, but getting there in a reasonable and timely fashion was backbreaking.I enjoy YA novels, but this one wasn t for me Without Sloan s character, I would have thrown in the towel I do see this being very popular with a certain YA crowd though. I won t lie, I am only going to check this out because I saw someone say there is a Kylo Ren type character in this book Bring on the angst and tantrums i want it UPDATE I am getting an ARC Not really sure what authors making it big with YA books before switching to the prestigious genre of adult fiction says about how authors view the YA genreWow, people are getting really mad about this review Do they honestly not think that the YA bracket is often dismissed by critics Only romance receives worse treatment. Ten years ago five young people were identified as the Chosen Ones and were sent on a mission to destroy a evil force they called The Dark One.Their mission was successful and the world was saved from extermination.Matt, Esther and Ines have been able to get on with a normal life but Sloane and Albie are finding it hard to forget the horror and destruction and suffer from the effects of this Unfortunately on the day they celebrate the tenth anniversary of their victory Sloane has a premonition that bad things are about to happen again.I enjoyed this book and the journey that it took me on Lots of adventures, Magic, Zombies, and parallel dimensions.I will certainly be reading the second instalment of this trilogy.Thank you to NetGalley and Hodder Stoughton my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

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