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Im Only In It for the Parking A truly eye opening book from a fantastic comedian ADAM KAY Comedy genius The funniest book I ve read in years DAVID WALLIAMSWhat s the worst thing about being disabled Is it the shameless staring Is it that people assume you re a bit thick because you can t speak Or is it that your friends always take you to theme parks just so they can jump the queues In fact, it s the stupid questions that really rile Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy And over the years he s been inundated with them, from people who have failed to engage their brains before opening their mouths Which is where I m Only In It for the Parking comes in think of it as a disabled FAQ, with funny sometimes painfully funny stories from Lee s not so ordinary life.If you think you know what it s like to be disabled, prepare to have your perceptions skewed by the much loved Britain s Got Talent winner, the brilliant stand up who struggles to stand up, the Geordie without the accent And before you ask no, he really can t speak at all But he definitely has something to say Hilarious The Sun

  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Im Only In It for the Parking
  • Lee Ridley
  • 14 February 2017
  • 9781787631472

10 thoughts on “Im Only In It for the Parking

  1. Louise Wilson Louise Wilson says:

    I first saw Lee on Britain s Got Talent and I liked him on first sight He has Cerebral Palsy and he lost his voice so he has to use an electronic talker to speak for him He is a very clever and funny guy who s not afraid to make fun of his disability He came on stage wearing a tee shirt that resembled a disabled parking ticket with the slogan I m only in it for the parking At the end of each chapter, he tells us about questions he frequently gets asked, my jaw dropped at a couple of them A lovely book from a lovely guy.Library book

  2. Tony Tony says:

    Loved this one Laughed out loud many a time which is a touch ironic, if you think about it.Lee s a stand up who won Britain s Got Talent in 2018 Right from the off, there was a twinkle of gittery and a degree of call out craft in his lines that made me and evidently a shedload of other people around the country as he won the show by popular vote think he had the goods.When not appearing on national TV of course, like most comics, he s a little less tame, a little less safe, and a little free to be a full on stand up, which just opens him up to a traditional comedy geek audience.Lee s got cerebral palsy, so the whole getting about the place thing is a bit of an embuggerance, and he can t speak, which is why he performs as Lost Voice Guy but he has a way of getting his views hears through an iPad and a speech synthesizer app.I m Only In It For The Parking is a jaunty and never too in depth autobiography of his path to recognition as a stand up And while he s particularly vocal about not being inspiration porn, there s an element of good on ya ness that s inevitable, because he was raised to believe he could just give stuff a go, rather than to view his disability as a reason why he couldn t do certain stuff there s a hilarious bit in this book for instance about how his parents, keen to get him into sports, took him skiing as a kid Fuck cerebral palsy, get the planks of wood on your feet But that attitude of Sod it, let s have a go, eh reappears time and again here, quietly, ordinarily, smashing the living daylights out of the collective sympathetic head tilt of a society that believes it gets to set the boundaries of what people with disabilities can, or should be allowed to do.University yep Festivals yep Driving yep, at least until he was also diagnosed with epilespy, which is a disqualifier as he says It s like the universe thought I wasn t quite disabled enoughThanks for that Ridley s story isn t some worthy tale of overcoming physical issues he does, but of course, that s the everyday story of everyone who HAS physical issues His is the story of a bloke who went out and did stuff, but it s told in a way that s fantastically funny stories of playing in the woods behind his house as a kid, and falling over, and being able neither to get back up nor call for help are actually rendered funny as hell Stories of him reading Stephen Hawking books over someone s shoulders and programming his app to Hawking along with the reader are properly gittish Stories of a disabled riding school where he was given a one eyed horse will make you roar We liked each other, but our relationship was doomed to failure he couldn t see where to go, and I couldn t tell him Studded among all this are two cool countdowns one of his comedy influences, and the other of all the questions of which he s by now heartily sick, from Are you drunk, mate to Socan you have sex to Should I pray for you His responses to all of those questions are pretty freakin funny too, as well as showing the kind of thing some people still, apparently, think it s reasonable to say to people with disabilities.As I say, loved this one, and would recommend it to everyone who loves a laugh.

  3. Claire Swain Claire Swain says:

    I abouselty loved this book I first saw Lee on BGT and I Immediately became a fan I was so pleased when he won the competition I have been trying to see one of his gigs ever since but sadly have not been able to due to distance and no wheel chair spaces left not Lee s fault Yet, for my birthday I was surprised with tickets for Lee s gig in October 2019 and I am very excited to see him live.Lee has wrote such a brilliant and honest book I really enjoyed learning about Lee s life and his comedy genius was shown throughout He also picked up on very Important issues regarding how disabled people are seen and treated today For example some disabled people can be famous athletes which is great but for some of us who can only just manage basic daily living due to the severity of our disability are seen as a burden or lazy Overall, I truly enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend anyone to read this and to watch Lost Voice Guy s Comedy.

  4. Susan James Susan James says:

    Great insight on his day to day and adventure towards Britans Got Talent Funny read I enjoyed this book.

  5. Emily Emily says:

    Entertaining biography of someone determined to live the life he wants Also mentions Speech Therapy, yay Very much not an empty headed Celebrity biography, and his stand up is great too

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