What's Wrong with Postmodernism?: Critical Theory and the

What's Wrong with Postmodernism?: Critical Theory and the Ends of Philosophy In What s Wrong with Postmodernism Norris critiques the postmodern pragmatist malaise of Baudrillard, Fish, Rorty, and Lyotard In contrast he finds a continuing critical impulse an enlightened or emancipatory interest in thinkers like Derrida, de Man, Bhaskar, and Habermas Offering a provocative reassessment of Derrida s influence on modern thinking, Norris attempts to sever the tie between deconstruction and American literary critics who, he argues, favor endless, playful, polysemic interpretation at the expense of systematic argumentAs he explores leftist attempts to arrive at an accommodation with postmodernism, Norris addresses the politics of deconstruction, the issue of men in feminism, Habermas quarrel with Derrida, narrative theory as a hermeneutic paradigm, musical aesthetics in relation to literary theory, and various aspects of postmodern debate A chapter on Stanley Fish brings several of these topics together and offers a generalized statement on the function of current criticism

About the Author: Christopher Norris

As of 2007 he is Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy at Cardiff University He completed his PhD in English at University College London in 1975, while Sir Frank Kermode served as the Lord Northcliffe Professor of modern English literature there.Until 1991 Norris taught in the Cardiff English Department He has also held fellowships and visiting appointments at a number of institutions, including the University of California, Berkeley, the City University of New York and Dartmouth College.He is one of the world s leading scholars on deconstruction, particularly in the work of Jacques Derrida He has written numerous books and papers on literary theory and continental philosophy Norris is now considered a philosopher in his own right 2003 s Life After Theory reference required featured an interview with Norris, placing him alongside Derrida as a significant contemporary.

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