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Martyrs Mirror Classic graphic accounts of than , Christians who endured suffering, torture, and a martyr s death because of their simple faith in the gospel of Christ Includes thanfinely detailed etchings by noted Dutch artist Jan Luyken Songs, letters, prayers, and confessions appear with the stories of many defenseless Christians who were able to love their enemies and return good for evilThis gigantic book calls believers to follow Jesus in all areas of life, even unto death Come what may, true Christian commitment demands supreme discipleship and steadfast adherence to the teachings modeled by Jesus and his apostlesWritten and published inby a Dutch Mennonite, Thieleman J van Braght, to strengthen the faith of his fellow believers, and translated into German inat the time of the French and Indian War for the same reason InMartyrs Mirror was translated into English to challenge generations of Christians in North AmericaFree downloadable study guide available here You know you are at a mennonite wedding when this is one of the presents I have very fond and emotional memories of the stories in this book I use to sit behind the table at the Mennoite culture stand of the Ktown Folk Fest reading about these amazing men and women of faith There was one a letter from a mother about to die for her faith to her child that has always stuck with me If you want to be challenged and inspired this is a wonderful book. Comprehensive historical chronicle of the persecution of Christians, particularly the Waldenses and Albigenses. One understands Christmas, Messiah, Four Quartets, stables and cattle, but how understand the world of affliction when it blazes so bright one forgets to live, where flesh, ashen at a knock at the door, beds the night in straw We live in peace and safety the same way Mennonites take the thousand pages of their martyrdoms today, for granted, and without the blood They call it their Bloody Book, Theatre of Tortures That was the threat that was Do you want to make a Mennonite sing Respighi, his One understands Christmas, Messiah, Four Quartets, stables and cattle, but how understand the world of affliction when it blazes so bright one forgets to live, where flesh, ashen at a knock at the door, beds the night in straw We live in peace and safety the same way Mennonites take the thousand pages of their martyrdoms today, for granted, and without the blood They call it their Bloody Book, Theatre of Tortures That was the threat that was Do you want to make a Mennonite sing Respighi, his Lauda per la Nativit del Signore, reechoes Segnor tu sei desceso de cielo en terra Lord, you have descended from Heaven to earth ,which wraps the whole vestito en carne humana, that is, wrapped in human flesh.Something happened those nights to Mennonites It was Christmas Eve but they couldn t get to the theater, neither our equivalent or theirs, were up by the fire roasting, quilting, repairing tools.The first Mennonite theater was incarnate, clad in human dress A Mennonite was exhorted to separate from the world Free yourself from the world cf Chaung Tzu There was a rehearsal in rituals and rules of Mennonite theater that they concocted themselves to set them apart, plain dress and wooden knives, a foolishness of action and rhetoric, but to them God had made foolish the wisdom of the wise.As a metaphor this theater shames Aristotle s in its high purpose That merely wanted to arouse and purge pity and fear to perpetuate the state The Mennonite was in desperate conflict with a state that put him to death While the populace in Athens was getting theatrically pacified and cleansed of contradiction, making the state safe, in Bern the theatrical mirror saw Mennonites crucified, burned and drowned But murder is countermanded when peasants overcome, so European states undertooksubtlety later in their subversions They discovered pride, which insistence does not arouse such nobility Seduction works, we all know that, and if not we learn it from Mennonite old and new That was the pride the Franconia rules were intended to prevent in the wearing of hats, but it was also of shedding blood with a witness against the state mirror and all its counterfeit good.Lo, how a Rose e er blooming from tender stem hath sprung.American Mennonites escaped this fire to reproduce a book of tortures read in their centuries of peace, Bloody Theatre or Martyr s Mirror, translated from Dutch to German, M rtyrer Spiegel, Ephrata, 1748 to English Two centuries of horror behind, ten American generations ahead, Mennonites still ask today, could you forfeit your life Whether we have the courage to sacrifice ourselves we can not know, failing opportunity, neither could they know what they would do Hostage to their martyrs, denied the peace of freedom the martyrs had died to collect, could you forfeit your life as he did is asked again and again.Bloody Theater rehearsed the persecutions of previous centuries by contrasting the gay performances of Grecian theaters with martyrs deaths Not cheery, not merry, comedies, these entertainments, were valleys of death where nothing will be seen , yet the soul will nevertheless rejoice 6 The tantamount of horror follows the theater motif, O that Satan would show himself, as he really is, and that the world, too, might come forth without disguise or mask 10 We shall all run from our seats.It is masquerade worthy of renaissance shrines and anti shrines, the House of Fame, The Bower of Bliss Our leading lady, this world s mistress at court, Satan appears to be a prince or king and the world a noble princess or queen Free yourself from the world A Queen whose hands can ne er be clean, and the court s lesser figures, servants and servant maids, who follow them as pages and maids of honor, appear as cavaliers and ladies, reveling in joy and delight 10 This is starkly opposite the prophecy of latter day where the least shall be as David and David shall be as the angel of the Lord Only the bloody then are undeceived You want to run up and ask a Mennonite how Christmas got tied up with the crucifix.Little child of Jesse s lineage coming, as seers of old have sung All they had to do was conform They refused to conform, but without bloody hands The nonresistant doctrine forbade all taking of life or resisting evil at all Jesus commands were literal, give to him that asks of thee, turn the cheek, and Paul, resist not evil but overcome with good Their friends had to explain in the American Revolution that they just didn t know any better, their present blindness to their own essential interest proceeds from an unhappy bias in their education, and not from a disaffection to the present Government J C Wenger History of the Mennonites of the Franconia Conference Scottdale, PA Mennonite Publishing House, 61 Mennonite disdained violence against enemies, neighbors and the world in all its sorrows in Philadelphia was the background and context of their world.Just Say No to GobermentThis thing about this unhappy bias was that it was against the worldly constant of self defense, revenge and resistance Mennonites would swear no oath, not even go against the oaths sworn by their fathers to the British king They could not renounce the British government in 1777, not because they loved the British, but because Jesus had said, swear not at all, and because they feared being forsworn Such literalists held their grandfathers promise to the previous King George as binding on themselves How can you not love such intransigency We do swear or solemnly declare, that we deny all obedience to the Pope of Rome and further swear or solemnly declare that no Prince or Person whatsoever hath any Right or Title to the Crown of Great Britain but his Majesty George the Second and his lawful Issue It is non conformity all ways, an old world view, an anti intellectualism run amok Hostage to time and fearing the torture their Bloody Book would produce, friends and neighbors had to keep repeating, their present blindness unhappy bias taking Jesus literally is not a disaffection to the present Government Wenger, 61 American government mostly blinked an eye.It came, a blossom bright, amid the cold of winter,When half spent was the night.If government blinked their own bishops would not, for though they were against swearing and war, and favored loyalty to the British Crown their apriori oath of loyalty before , Mennonite Bishop Christian Funk, supported the Pennsylvania government because its constitution gave freedom of worship and promised to exempt from arms and the oath He supported a war tax to the American government So in 1778 Funk was deposed We can ask all we like about who is our enemy and never know who is in the mirror.Two important issues are raised by Ruth s Funk s Mennonite s oaths are John L Ruth Maintaining the Right Fellowship Scottdale, PA Herald Press, 1984, 153 55 1 why did the bishops excommunicate Funk on their own authority but asked the people to reinstate him 2 What do we make of the principle raised by Funk s dilemma that if a man is right in his vision but impolitic in its expression he is wrong 3 What of the opposite postulate, that the man is wrong because he is wrong Chamberlain Bingo Of no 1, is not this what they charge Socrates, but at least they don t call him by his first name that he alienated the elders by his lack of consideration of their feelings and Jesus who failed to defend the status quo SURELY Mennonites continually raise and illustrate societal debating, should the individual in the right give over truth to merge with the group that is wrong Too insistent upon the truth, the world called it.Isaiah twas foretold it, the Rose I have in mind.The Franconia Rules of 1933The storms of this Mennonite Theatrical glee were alive as recent as 1933 In the Franconia Conference Rules Mennonites were still making fun of the sensitive, powerful majority world, poking sticks of incense at evangelicals and Sunday golfers We do not have to dig deep to find these spiritual goads, for roses have thorns and spiritual Mennonites mud.Consider how this conference feels the necessity of urging the leaders of the church to not speculate on unfulfilled prophecy such as the doctrine of the Millennium Wenger 431 In the hundred years since Darby there was hardly talk of anthing else in the evangelical Church The millennium The tribulation An old Mennonite turned Baptist once asked, do you still at least believe in the tribulation The answer must be, not while I m bleeding The difference about the tribulation is that Mennonites were, had been and sought to be in it while the rest hid out to escape from it Non conformists.Take another Franconia discipline, we as a conference, protest against the evils of the radio condemn the heretical doctrines on the air You think the preposition was against thought control, mind control to control masses, the powers of the air, what blue states convinced themselves of It goes deeper Mennonites too prophetic think violence on TV affects the rate of high school murders and that children contract vibes from peers like virus Free yourself from the world Just what can t you foist on a Mennonite Vibes in the air Yes Don t go to the mall.With Mary we behold it, the Virgin Mother kind.And what about the Franconian theatric of flowers and other decorations are to be omitted at all funerals held in our meetinghouses and members are not to clothe their dead in black To not clothe your dead in black throws the whole school of death in a hat It throws out the notion that He s gone to a better place We wish him well Speak no nasty Black of the afterlife, even if preachers wear it here it is to renounce the world Just one thing to stop pretending the guy didn t die in his sin Flowers aren t going to change it None but the Rose the Mennonite sing The flowers are there to convince the cousins in the pew that they too will have a fragrant not a flagrant end When flowers fade it pictures the conflict of the world.To show God s love aright, she bore to us a Savior,When half spent was the night.Mennonites contradicted the flesh done up in the mortician s dress, flying in the face of custom dress him in black and paint his face so he looks good He s just off for a interview up the road Franconians say, he s dead, now judged Dress him up in white or red White for sins forgiven, translucent in Christ s robe, or red for sins he carries to his bed.Inner Adornment, Symbolic DressThe venture of Mr Wm Blake sharpish into the post modern psyche proves we clearly see how the mind forged manacles, protocols of black, bind the present that those of the primitive past set free Mennonites want to liberate from the foolishness, of banking, stylish automobiles, bankruptcy law, voting, public office, just about every shibboleth each election makes cool CONSUMPTION Consumption democracy in the name of conforming individuals These got the plain people, over here in trouble over snaps and zippers and buttons and bows.The unvarnished Mennonite was not much on style Fashion rejected, took it hard Plain dressers are bad for business, but the Mennonite is not solely to blame for boring the world The Proverb said, sound judgment is an ornament to grace your neck 3.22 so dress in that, and the fisherman was guilty too, who sought beauty not of braided hair, gold jewelry and fine clothes, but a gentle and quiet spirit I Peter, 3 3 4 Paul wants you to dress with good deeds I Tim 2.10 , a deacon not measured by his banking prowess should manage his children and household I Tim 3.12 Mennonites sound and dress like Jews whose best adornment is the tefillin tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads Deut 6.8 A sign on the hand and a symbol on the head, embodied in phylacteries, literal exaltation of the Word of God upon the person Don t they belong together, Franconia and Torah Symbolic dress stimulates spiritualness, ages that at one time appreciated the new Millenial London, Paris, Rome.Vestito en carne humana Maybe it s not the Mennonite we should blame for dramatizing this, but the Bible, says World Empire, Web bound cocooned desire It s a good thing there are so many different versions, we can be comfortable and not have to surrender to the Order of Christ, says the Internet army There s truth and room for all you can be This argument still says, well if this country wasn t free, then where would Mennonites be Back in the old country dead, no doubt But when they wheel you out to disciple yourself to this edge, there isthan heaven and earth There is the Sovereignty of God Ouch There is the predestination of the Elect No There is Providence Oh Take Mennonites for what they re worth, truth in opposition to the world, and not for what they re not worth, which would be founding the fourth world empire Free yourself from the world.Don t affiliate with chorales says Franconia The horror Or theater disingenuous recitals Never Or academies Set an example of abstinence, not drain the dregs of the cup Their Confession in its absurdity to the modern contrasts nicely with those current world codes for children that read Please don t OD in public Please don t commit suicide at home Please don t blow up your high school, take ecstasy and drive, but you may prolong your adolescence into your 50 s We did Mennonites think skeletal resistance It s life as art, Mennonite theater in the theater of the heart The actors took off no caps There was no stage The audience changed Or not There was no show The show went on It was living.In the belief that if you ve come this far you are free to chose the last, which occurs at cut to the end, which reads In their kindness the authorities of that time coaxed a general confession first, conducted in the leniency of their compassion in the surrendering up of one s Mennonite fellows and parents One example among many, a Miss Elizabeth, for whose sacrifice only one cure can occur, in a first arraignment was accused of being a teacher Beadles found a Latin Testament The horror When asked to take an oath she replied that we ought not to swear quoting and liberally believing that same testament of the words of Jesus that centuries later her family believed Nor would she identify this family or her friends She said the phrase holy sacrament did not appear in the Testament She failed the test of infant salvation through baptism Off with her head She failed the exam of Papal ordinance general.Thus a second audience required to show her the severe arm She was reexamined in a chamber but as she would not voluntarily confess, he applied the thumbscrews to her thumbs and forefingers, so that the blood squirted out at the nails This earnest catechism of confession further despised, examiners applied the screws to her shins This called for her to elicit associates identitythan admit any particular crime Oh she was hard hearted And since they obtained not one word from her detrimental to her brethren in the Lord, or to any other person, along came the spider and sat down beside her and she was drowned in a bag Although she was held from January 15 until her execution on March 27, 1549 Theatre, 482 83 , this was her last offense.The Bloody Theater or Martyrs Mirror of the Defenseless Christians Thieleman J van Braght, tr from the Dutch edition Of 1660 by Joseph F Sohm Scottdale, Pa Mennonite Publishing House, 1964.another version at

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