Knowing Me Knowing You Epub ó Knowing Me MOBI

Knowing Me Knowing You Knowing Me Knowing You provides a variety of photocopiable quizzes, questionnaires and other activities designed to develop effective learning strategies and enable teachers and students to find outabout themselves and each other

About the Author: Jim Wingate

Jim Wingate is a professional teacher, trainer, storyteller, actor, writer and healer, and tells traditional stories to 20,000 people per year in six countries He is the author of 40 teaching books and has been plenary speaker at 43 international conferences in 23 countries so far He shares simple ways successful teachers use to build rapport and to work in harmony with learners These include relaxing yourself before each lesson, making effective contact with your learners at the start of each lesson, observing your learners energy during each lesson, and changing the dynamics of each lesson to work with rather than against your learners.He works 6 lessons a day with 60 pupils per lesson, for 26 weeks per year, teaching and doing storytelling He has worked in Switzerland in German and French speaking schools and international schools, in cities, towns and villages, with 4 17 year olds of all abilities And has also worked enabling self development in communities in Northern Ireland, Israel Palestine and the Celtic countries He lives in mid Wales which was the setting for his first novel The Dragon Wakes published by Y Lolfa in July 2003.

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