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Rat Pack A sophomoric addition to a Shane Stevens collection He attempts to push the envelope regarding racism and violence but doesn t quite manage it Decent character development but you won t read this one twice. A gritty, intense night in the lives of four African American boys Johnny Apartment, Chester, Wolfie, and Jumper are on the prowl in New York City, looking for a big score They are victims of poverty and racism and they want to take back what has been taken from them Their night is filled with troubles and violence and their actions do not go unnoticed But are they the aggressors or the victims Sort of the nature vs nature debate, in the big city A good read, short and wound tightly. 1975 Four black youths go on a crime spree in New York City Awesome gritty detail I really felt sorry for them and kind of wanted them to get away even though by the end they d robbed numerous people, stabbed a woman, raped another and finally killed one by accident It really let you see into their heads, into how they felt they had no decent choices in life Read it in a few hours. Book by Shane stevens

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