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  1. Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Alba and Her Secrets..♥ says:

    ♦ 4 Wildcat Stars! ♦


    So yesterday I saw some of my GR friends were reading historical and I got jelous LOL (joke!) No but I decided, since it has been a long time, to read some myself. And did I find it!

    The Markham Hall series is written by Sierra Simone (the author that gave us the hottest Priest ever!) and it tells the story of Julian Markham a.k.a Mr Markham (the lonely misterious widower that takes the protagonist by after she loses her family) and Ivy Leavold (the also lonely cousin of Julian's last wife).

    “Lock your door at night, wildcat.”
    White teeth flashed. A grin.
    “Because of me.”

    These books are probably some of the kinkiest historical romance that I have read. Let me tell you, sometimes it was too much! While reading this you will discover some things that I am sure they will not leave you indeferent to the misterious Julian! These two have amazing chemistry and A LOT of sexual tension, especially in the first book. Together they are explosive and they are not afraid (more or less) of having some kinky kinky times.

    “You are mine,” he said as he began driving in faster. “You are completely mine. Only mine. Your cunt and your lips and your heart—they belong to me.”

    How desperately I wanted to see him. And how desperately I wanted him to go away.

    Still, something that I also found in Simone's standalone Priest is that his heros like to call the females 'slut' sometimes. I do not like that at all. To me, Ivy is an ordinary female character (not too weak not too strong) but the fact that she does not care when Julian calls her that it makes her look weaker. That's just my opinion.

    I loved him. I loved him to the point of the damnation of my soul.

    Therefore, my final rating for this series is 4 STARS. It's not one of my favourites but I quite enjoyed it! I am sure if you are into kinky historical romance, you will enjoy this!


  2. Kitten Mercer Kitten Mercer says:

    Seductive, enthralling, thought-provoking... Reading this series has been a memorable experience and I enjoyed it immensely. Will I recommend this series? Yes, at least to any erotic historical lovers out there who love to indulge in a book layered with a bucketload of spice, kink and smut. Will I read future books by this author? HELL YES.

  3. Katie Katie says:

    5 hot, steamy & romantic stars

    He was wild and feral, like myself. We were the same- solitary animals forced into human skin.

    So I must confess that I started off this series with a bit of hesitation. I have never read a historical romance novel before and it's no secret that books with this genre are not even remotely close to the top of my TBR list. But, holy shit, I am glad I did. So how does a book series I wasn't completely sure about reading find it's way to the top of my all time favorites list? Well that's an easy one- the author, Sierra Simone, has an uncanny ability to literally make you pant with need while reading many of the erotic scenes. I kid you not. The sexual chemistry between Mr. Markham and Ivy was so steamy and so intense, that I found myself having to read this series in front of a fan for fear of heat exhaustion.


    So how best to describe this book series? It's like Pride and Prejudice, meets Eyes Wide Shut, meets 50 Shades(If 50 Shades was good). Then add in a creepy house and a murder mystery and VOILA! I give you The Markham Hall Series!

    The heroine, Ivy, is truly amazing. Her free spirit reminded me a lot of Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice (minus Ivy's whole 'I need to be dominated and constantly sexed' factor). Both women lived in a time where different was not viewed as a good thing. Ivy was constantly described by others in the book as 'wild'...but really she was just a woman who found solace in freedom. That's what I think I liked the most about Ivy. Although she was clearly from a different time period, she was relatable and oftentimes, quite humorous.

    There is a funny scene in beginning of the first book in which Mr. Markham catches Ivy out of her bed in the middle of the night and in the courtyard. He asks: Are you so wild that you cannot even sleep in a bed at night? Unto which she replies. It depends on the bed. See? Definitely funny, and definitely something I could see myself saying.

    And omg. The hero, Mr. Markham. Just wow. Dark, brooding, mysterious and dominating. Damn. He's crude and crass and holy shit, I loved him. I've decided to dub him the king of 'all dirty talking book boyfriends'. Trust me on this, you will not find a better dirty talking alpha male in any other book.

    Ivy and Mr. Markham have such a bond that you literally feel their love and devotion towards each other growing with each turn of the page. They were, quite literally, obsessed with one another. In all other books I read, this type of obsession would strike me as weird creepy, but the author does a great job in creating such depth and emotion with thier relationship that it's anything but.
    My soul was yours to take from the moment I met you, Julian.

    So getting down to the nitty gritty of this historical romance, we have the submissive/dominant feature of the books. Having fallen asleep while reading 50 Shades of Grey, I was very nervous about the whole BDSM aspect and where it will go. But damn, it worked. And yes, it was amazing and sexy and provocative and...I could keep going, but I won't....I will save the rest of the steamy details for the reader!

    Julian, I said. Green eyes met mine. Use me. Do the things you can't show anybody else. Please.

    The whole mystery involving Mr. Markham's past wives also played a big part in this series. It was very well done and created a lot of very suspenseful moments in the novels as well.

    All in all, I loved this series. There was not one time while reading that I found myself bored or disinterested. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I could not put these novels down.

  4. CC CC says:

    5+++ STARS!

    This is an amazingly hot, erotic, sensual series. Julian Markham is commanding, handsome and knows how to use his mouth and other parts of his body in every way!! Ivy is such a strong heroine and is not going to deny her needs or Julian's! I highly recommend this series!

    The Review:

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  5. Julia Julia says:

    3.75 - Punish me - stars

    Markham Hall is a four book series written by a fantastic writer Sierra Simone. The books are short novels that should be read in the following order:
    1 - The Awakening of Ivy Leavold
    2 - The Education of Ivy Leavold
    3 - The Punishment of Ivy Leavold
    4 - The Reclaiming of Ivy Leavold

    The series follows the story of Ivy Leavold as she founds herseld and her dark desires in the Victorian society.

    I don't know if I like this woman.
    You don't have to like her....You are her.

    Ivy is an orphan who doesn't have any living relatives and that's why has to move in with Mr. Julian Markhan, her dead cousin's husband.
    There Ivy is met with dark desires and secrets that could easily break and even kill her. Her cousin's death is a mystery, one she wants and dreads to solve.

    Who is anyone to say this is right or this is natural? Doesn't the very fact that you want it make it natural to you?

    All in all I can say that I liked this series. It was quite sexy and very hot. Mr. Markham was at his best - the true dominant of his century.

    The only aspect I could not connect with was historical. For me it was not at all. But if you want to read some hot sex scenes, this book is just for you.

  6. Lina& Lina& says:

    Hot, gritty and liberating. These are the three words I can use to describe the series. It has been a while since I've read a historical romance but this was quite different. The storytelling was unique and deliciously edgy.
    The story of Ivy Leavold is passionate, dark and consuming. Ivy is a poor young woman with no family. When she finds herself in the care of Julian Markham, her late cousin's husband, she is both scared and excited for her new life. Upon her arrival in Markham Hall her entire life is altered.
    Mr. Markham is dark and elusive. His eyes are a mystery. The rumours around his late wife's death make him even darker and dangerous. Ivy is mesmerised. The attraction is inevitable. Their affair is sizzling and forbidden. Ivy discovers the darkest parts off her self; her darkest desires and Julian is her teacher.
    Lies, secrets, betrayal and death lurk in the dark corners of Markham Hall and Ivy will have to make a choice; can she trust the man who knows her deepest cravings or will she be another one if his dead conquests?
    I loved the writing. Julian was deliciously wicked and dark and Ivy was a likeable heroine. The settings fascinated me and the plot kept me on my toes. I do think that there was too much sex in the books and I would have liked some more chase between our couple but in the end the sexuality was not tiring. If you love edgy and gritty reads then this series is for you.
    4.5 Stars from me
    I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

  7. TeriLyn TeriLyn says:

    5 You know why. Stars

    My girls kept telling me I had to meet Julian Markham and they were absolutely right. The historical aspect kept from reading it at first and I'm kicking myself now for not reading the Markham Hall series sooner. Being historical added so much allure to the books and to Julian and Ivy themselves. I loved everything about their story. I loved that it was erotic. It was beautifully written and engaging. These are characters I won't soon forget. If you enjoy kinky love stories that are exquisitely written I urge you not to wait as long as I did to read Julian and Ivy's story!

    Thanks to my reading besties - DeannaPinkLady, Irene, and JxxxPindLady for making me read this!

  8. Louise Seraphim Reviews Louise Seraphim Reviews says:

    The Awakening of Ivy Leavold Review

    Well, there isn't much in the romance genre that I don't read, but historical romance is so,etching that I have never really been too enthusiastic about. I love it on tv, and films but not really books. But after reading Priest by Sierra Simone, and absolutely loving her style of writing, I knew I would make an exception to my no historical romance books, for her Markham Hall series. It definitely didn't hurt that it was also erotica. :)

    So first off, when I started this book I noticed immediately this was not what I was expecting. It didn't feel like a historical romance, it felt timeless, I didn't even pay attention to any details of time. Yes the setting was different, and the clothes, maybe a few words were not used today, but apart from that I never noticed, because the story took over, and the characters and I didn't pay attention to he era.

    When Ivy Leavold's brother dies and leaves her with no other living relatives, she is spared having to work as a governess at the last minute, by a distant relative through marriage. Ivy's late cousins husband, Julian Markham agrees to take in Ivy and provide her with a home, to try to atone for his past sins.
    Once Ivy arrives at Markham Hall, she sees the gothic and dark mansion as somewhere to fall in love with, the peace, and the beautiful grounds are perfect and she is at home immediately.

    Yet besides the beautiful grounds, hall, and owner of her new home, Ivy finds herself trying to piece together what happened to her late cousin, and why her death was such a mystery. Yet it would seem Julian Markham is keeping secrets beneath that sexiness. And Ivy is determined to find the, all out.

    The master of Markham Hall is another thing all together. He is dark, sullen and mysterious. But he exudes something forbidden and awakens something in Ivy that she has not been aware of in her 19 years. Desire and lust.

    Pretty soon it is apparent why this book is nothing like the historical romances that I am aware of. This is erotica in a class of its own. It's sexy, addictive, and almost forbidden. The tension and chemistry between Ivy and Julian is off the wall hot, the scenes are so intense and written so well I almost felt like I was snooping on a real couple.

    I would definitely recommend this to Erotica lovers, never mind the fact that this is a historical romance, that does not take away the addictive and incredibly sexy story. Historical romance lovers will still get their fix plus much more, and non historical romance fans can't possibly not enjoy this, it's full on sizzling pages, with a gorgeous dominant alpha. This is a must read!!!

    The Education Of Ivy Leavold Review.

    Wow, holy hotness!!
    This second chapter of the Markham Hall series is even hotter than the first one. I was blown away by the steamy and intense scenes of The Awakening of Ivy Leavold, but The Education completely topped it.

    The first part ended with Julian Markham wanting Ivy to marry him, we didn't get an answer from her, it just ended. So straight in to this book, it continues immediately and we get Ivy's answer.

    On from Julian wanting Ivy to marry him, we also start to learn in this book the extent of what Julian craves, and how he intends to teach Ivy. Yes, Julian likes it harder, and far more depraved than you would imagine from a victorian era book, but I think that's what makes it all the more enticing and exciting. The fact that you wouldn't expect it in that time, from such gentlemen and ladies in all their splendid and respectable clothing, makes it more naughty, forbidden and incredibly sexy.

    So again this book is 130 ish pages of intense heat, and stupidly arousing sex scenes. But alongside that is the incredibly addictive story that was building in the first book. All the mystery surrounding Julian Markham's previous wife is still present, and there's still other characters waiting to put in their opinions and little bits of information, to confuse Ivy even more.

    It is almost like the mystery in this book steps up a notch, we do find out some more info, and there is a huge shocking reveal at the end, which I'm not entirely sure Ivy will take all that well, but we will find all out in the next book, which I am starting immediately.

    Oh and I have to mention naughty and posh gentleman friend Silas. Did I mention very hot, and likes to share? Well uhh yes, he is yum and I really hope we see more of him.

    Definitely recommended, not just for historical romance lovers, but for lovers of very hot erotica, and mystery. This book has it all and much more!!

    The Punishment Of Ivy Leavold Review

    This third part in the Markham Hall series continues after Ivy leaves Julian, after his revelations about what happened the night Violet died.
    Ivy needs time alone to think, about what she wants and how she feels, so decides to spend some time in London with her newly found Aunt.

    The time when Ivy is in London, and Julian follows but keeps a distance, at her request, is kind of slow and a little boring compared to how the pace and story has gone so far. I understand the need to have them separate and it all works out really well, but those parts just dragged a little.

    Yet everything seems to step up a notch in action and excitement once they attend the Baron's special party, not only is it complete dirty and very sexy, which I have come to learn is what makes these stories so hard to put down, but also it picks up the pace again. Not only is this night of crazy debauchery a pleasant turn towards the end, but also a lot of mystery surrounding the past, and the deaths is now ready to be revealed.

    I must admit I was quite shocked when all the reveals started to come out, I hadn't suspected certain characters and it was quite the shocker. But this all led to an extremely gripping end of this book, and I couldn't stop reading.

    Again, I loved this third part in this addictive series. They are super fast, sexy reads with an air of mystery and intrigue. I would most definitely recommend them to everyone. Also lovely touch at the end!

    The Reclaiming of Ivy Leavold Review

    A very short, but still incredibly good final chapter in Ivy and Julian's story.
    This final story is only 30 something pages I think, but it shows a small part of their life after everything has settled, and they are now experiencing married life, and parenthood, but also a little glitch in their normally incredible sex life.

    As always these characters are perfect, and I love the way Julian deals with things in his own brute, roguish way. Proving how bad, yet so good he can be.

    A must read, for this series!!!

    Final Thoughts:
    An incredibly sexy, romance. Nothing like I expected. It's full of mystery and intrigue, sexy and totally naughty. With gorgeous dresses, and huge mansions. Hugely recommended. 5 stars.

    **I was given a copy of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review**

  9. Readingzmything Readingzmything says:

    5 Scorching Hot Stars!

    This is a highly erotic historical romance. I enjoyed the first two parts that were written in Ivey's POV but I must say that the third and fourth were my favorite because you got Julian's as well which I found to be very informative due to his being such a brooding reserved character in the first and second. Julian is one dirty talking, savagely sexy alpha male. He is possessive but still unbelievably sweet and attentive with Ivey. There is some mystery and drama but over all this story is about these two characters romance and Ivey excepting who she is and her place beside Julian.

    All in all, I really enjoyed these books and look forward to reading more from this author. Congratulations Sierra Simone for well written sexy historical romance that will remain one of my all time favorites.

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Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, #1-4) Yorkshire, I am alone When Ivy Leavold is left destitute by her brother’s death, she is taken in by her cousin’s brooding, tortured widowerJulian Markham Handsome and possessive, it’s not long before Ivy falls for him But Mr Markham has dark secrets, secrets that may put Ivy in danger I am afraid As Ivy unravels the mystery surrounding her cousin’s death, she falls deeper and deeper in love with Julian, who opens her body and her mind to his indomitable will But even as he draws pleasure and desire from her night after night, Ivy can’t shake the feeling that their passionate affair may end in violence… And I am completely his So begins the riveting Markham Hall trilogya tangled tale of love, betrayal, and murder This volume includes The Awakening of Ivy Leavold, the second book, The Education of Ivy Leavold, and the third book, The Punishment of Ivy Leavold And then enjoy a final glimpse into Julian and Ivy's lives in the bonus novelette, The Reclaiming of Ivy Leavold!

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