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An Expat's Guide to Living in Cusco Very practical tips for traveling and living in Peru I referred to this book often. An Expat s Guide to Living in Cusco combines personal anecdotes with practical advice to prepare travelers for a long term stay in one of South America s most fascinating and historically rich cities Tourists planning quick vacations to the famous Machu Picchu should look elsewhere the major travel guides have that covered An Expat s Guide to Living in Cusco offers a glimpse into the ins and outs of everyday life as a foreigner in Cusco, Peru This book is perfect for the traveler who enjoys taking their time getting to know a place, or for the one who s been dreaming of taking the leap and moving to PeruWhat s Inside Excerpts frominterviews with expats who share their stories of how they got to Cusco and dish out their best advice The Ultimate Cusco Packing List and other information to help you prepare for a long term stay Explanations of the local customs and tips on adjusting to the culture Restaurant recommendations and food safety tips Details on finding and renting an apartment and choosing the best neighborhood to live in Tips on meeting other expats and connecting with locals Information on trips to nearby cities and sites A discount on a South American Explorers Club membership in Cusco Access to a password protected webpage with photos from the author s time in Cusco More About the AuthorWhen Amy Rigby landed in Cusco inwith little than a backpack and a pocket Spanish phrasebook, she never expected herday trip would turn into a five month stay Initially she made many rookie mistakes, and was frustrated at not being able to find a guidebook for travelers who, like her, came to Cusco for a short visit, but fell in love with the city and chose to stay awhile Armed with the knowledge from personal experiences, interviews with other expats, and discussions with the locals, Amy decided to write that guide

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