Regency Proposals: Never Trust a Rake / Reforming the

Regency Proposals: Never Trust a Rake / Reforming the Viscount Never Trust a RakeRumor has it that the Earl of Deben, the most notorious rake in Londoon and in need of an heir, has set aside his penchant for married mistresses and turned his skilled hand to seducing innocents But if Lord Deben expects Henrietta Gibson to respond to the click of his fingers he can think again For she knows perfectly well why she should avoid gentlemen of his bad reputeOne touch of his lips and he ll ruin her for every other man One glide of his skillful fingers to the neckline of her dress will leave her molten in his arms And if even one in a thousand rumors is true, it s enough for her to know she can never, ever trust a rakeReforming the ViscountViscount Rothersthorpe can t tear his eyes from Lydia Morgan any than he can calm the raging fury coursing through his veins Is there no end to the irony Come to town to find a wife, only to be taunted by the past Furtive glances across the ballroom are not helping to ease Lydia s state of shock the man who once uttered a marriage proposal as one might remark upon the weather has returned But when he stuns her with a second, outrageous but now wickedly delicious proposal, it is clear that despite the rumors the rake from her past has not reformed

  • ebook
  • 576 pages
  • Regency Proposals: Never Trust a Rake / Reforming the Viscount
  • Annie Burrows
  • 17 June 2019

About the Author: Annie Burrows

I ve been published by Mills Boon since 2007..but I d been making up stories in my head for as long as I can remember It was a long walk home from school, and there were no ipods in those days to keep you amused When I wasn t daydreaming, I had my nose stuck in a book My parents used to take me to the library every Saturday, until I was old enough to get there on my own, and my house was always full of books During school holidays, the whole family loved to visit stately homes and castles As soon as we got home, my older sister and I would either dress up as lords and ladies, and romp around the garden, or, if it was raining, retreat to our bedroom where we would draw intricately detailed plans of our very own imaginary stately home, complete with secret tunnels, dungeons, and usually, a maze in the extensive grounds When I was old enough to go to university, I studied English literature, with Philosophy I was not sure what I wanted to do after that, but meeting a handsome student of maths, who was the owner of a very powerful motorbike helped me make up my mind Reader, I married him For many years I felt it was important to stay at home to raise our two children, but one day, when the youngest had gone to senior school, I began to wonder if all those stories I made up to occupy my mind whilst attending to mundane chores, would interest anyone else I started to write some of them down, and eventually decided that one of them was deep enough to merit attention from publishers It took me almost two years to complete, mainly because I kept tearing it up and starting all over again And having to keep going out to work to help pay for school fees, then university tuition, slowed progress down as well Needless to say, this masterpiece was rejected by every single publisher I sent it to, but by this time, writing had become an addiction Fourstories got rejected, before Mills Boon bought His Cinderella Bride , a regency romance I do have some other interests, besides writing I love spending time pottering in my garden And recently I ve taken up ballroom dancing as a way to try and keep fit and keep the romance alive in my marriage

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