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Manifesto for a Normal Christian Life InBill Johnson, the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California, visited Holy Trinity Brompton, the London home of the Alpha CourseThis book contains teaching from five talks he gave there and includes some rarely heard stories and testimonies, along with classic teaching on encountering God, how to practically host the Holy Spirit, what the normal christian life can look like and how every impossibility must bow to the name of Jesus

  • Kindle Edition
  • 92 pages
  • Manifesto for a Normal Christian Life
  • Bill Johnson
  • English
  • 13 October 2018

About the Author: Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson and his wife Brenda Beni Johnson are the Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California Johnson is a fifth generation pastor.Johnson was born in Minnesota in 1951 and became a Christian as a young child Soon after, Johnson read seven books on prayer, which significantly affected his perspective and subsequent ministry.Bill Johnson and his wife have three children Eric, Brian and Leah.Johnson speaking at a conferenceBill Johnson and Beni Brenda began as singles pastors under his father at Bethel In 1979, they became senior pastors of Mountain Chapel in Weaverville, California.While pastoring in Weaverville, Johnson attended a 1987 conference led by John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard Church Movement According to Johnson A number of healings and manifestations broke out and I didn t know what to do with it I didn t object to it, I wasn t opposed to it I just didn t know how to pastor it in a way that it would continue and increase.In 1995, Johnson attended the Toronto Blessing revival at the Toronto Airport Vineyard church Johnson relates In Toronto I said, Lord, if You touch me again I will never change the subject So I went up for prayer every time it was offered I didn t have anything dramatic happen, but I came home and said, I am going to give the rest of my life to this In February 1996, after 17 years of leading the Weaverville church, the Johnsons were invited to become senior pastors of Bethel Today Johnson describes Bethel as a church where everything we do either fuels revival or is fueled by revival Under his leadership, Bethel left the Assemblies of God in 2006 to become a nondenominational charismatic church.According to a recent book written by Johnson, Face to Face with God , Bethel is a church where supernatural encounters with God happen regularly, miracles are common, and the congregation has an infectious passion for spiritual growth The church has approximately 1,500 members, and a School of Supernatural Ministry.Their Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry has 1,200 students enrolled with over 370 from other countries Johnson leads a network of churches dedicated to global, multi generational revival, Global Legacy Johnson has written a number of books and travels extensively as a featured revival conference speaker Johnson is also involved with the Northern California Revival Fellowship, a group of north Californian pastors committed to revival.Source Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Manifesto for a Normal Christian Life

  1. Shelly J. Hogan Shelly J. Hogan says:

    Inspiring I am motivated and moved for , ,of God s love and presence to be manifested in and through me and my ministry Johnson reminds us that God does the impossible and lives are forever changed Once we have experienced this we can never go back Lord lead us forward as a mighty army hosting your presence

  2. Suzanne Gordon Suzanne Gordon says:

    BeautifulThe testimonies shook my heart, The Word of God seeped into my soul and the revelation of who and whose I am in Christ was a seed planted This was beautiful Although there was repetition, it served its purpose to cement valuable content I needed Bless God

  3. John Allen John Allen says:

    Aptly titledLoved this book It is full of testimonies of God s miracle working power It challenges believers in every realm of society to believe God and do impossible things with Him If you are a Christian and believe miracles are for today, you will find this book highly encouraging.

  4. David L Clark David L Clark says:

    A must read book Anyone who professes to have faith in Jesus should read this It truly is mucha manifesto than a book, a manifestation of the Spirit of the living, resurrected, Jesus It will change your awareness of who you are in Christ , and empower you to step into your destiny which is Him

  5. Daisy Medina Daisy Medina says:

    A must readIf you are feeling like you do not your place within the kingdom of God This is the book for you It will spark a passion so great you will no longer wait for divine appointments you will be seeking them out It is a privilege to be called sons and daughters of God.

  6. Adam Letner Adam Letner says:

    Anyone wanting to live a normal life believe Him for the impossible to happen needs to add this to their library Anyone wanting to live a normal life believe Him for the impossible to happen needs to add this to their library

  7. Arun Thamizhvanan Arun Thamizhvanan says:

    Collection of Sermons by Pastor Bill Johnson to HTB London Some repetition of testimonies in sermons. Uplifting Faith Building Collection of Sermons by Pastor Bill Johnson to HTB London Some repetition of testimonies in sermons. Uplifting Faith Building

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