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Osama the Hero Gary s not stupid He just dares to see the world differently In the class room and on the estate, he provokes without intent When another act of violence unsettles those around him, Gary must shoulder the blame A visceral rollercoaster of a play by one of Britain s hottest writers Raw, angry and urgent, this is an explosive piece of work

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  1. Rosanna Threakall Rosanna Threakall says:

    I read this for an essay I am writing on theatrical responses to terrorism.This one is a difficult read for sure and it definitely packs a punch I enjoyed reading it because it was so real It focusedon extremism and how we can react in a hateful way to terrorism Gary is a very lovable protagonist and the play seems to be based around the ignorance misunderstanding surrounding modern day terrorism, post 9 11.I d love to go and see it.

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