Biography of the Prophet Muhammad - Illustrated - Vol. 1

Biography of the Prophet Muhammad - Illustrated - Vol. 1 This Illustrated Book Is For Anybody Who Is Interested In Finding Out About The Real Face Of Islam This First Volume Of The Illustrated Book Series Is About The Life Of Muhammad The Islamic Prophet, In Mecca Before Migrating To Medina And Is Based On Islamic Literatures, Such As Al Qur An, Ahadith Collections Of Muhammad S Sayings And Actions , And The Earliest Siras Biography Of Muhammad This Illustrated Book Will Help People To Understand Islam Quickly, Accurately, And Without Spending Too Much Time Reading The Whole Islamic Main Literatures That Are Hard To Understand For Instance, It Is Not Possible To Understand The Qur An Fully Without Tafsir Interpretation And Asbab Al Nuzul Circumstances Of The Revelation Since It Has No Chronology And The Subject Matters Keep Changing With No Warning There Are So Many Ahadith And Sira Books That It Takes A Lot Of Time To Read Them All This Illustrated Book Relies On The Earliest Siras, Such As The Writings Of Ibn Ishaq Ibn Hisham,