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The Storm Oxford Reading Tree remains the nation s favourite reading scheme and countless children have learnt to read with Biff, Chip, and Kipper We are delighted to unveil its fresh new look for today s children, teachers and parents, with lively new covers and fresh artwork Engaging new artwork and covers Alex Brychta s unique style of artwork enthrals and entertains children, and the fresh new look will heighten their pleasure in reading the storiesand fantastic new covers, Oxford Reading Tree is appealing than ever Stories children love The Oxford Reading Tree stories have always captivated children s imagination, inspiring them to read and the stories and characters in the new editions haven t changed at all Apart, that is, from an exciting new story at Stage , The Egg Hunt, which replaces the Dolphin Pool response to feedback from you Owls Storybooks become StagesandStorybooks magpies become StagesandStorybooks wrens at Stagehave become patterned stories at Stageand wrens at Stageare now patterned stories at StageNew teaching support material In addition to the existing guided reading cards, perfect for use in guided reading sessions, we have brought out new teaching materials to reflect the needs of teachers in today s classroom Reading Tree books these are easy to store and will save you hours of preparation New Take Home cards for every Storybook from Stages to help parents or carers get the most out of reading with their child Free resources website at www oup uk primary with downloadable photocopy masters New Teacher s Handbook and special edition for Scotland

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  1. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Okay story, but the ending was a bit rubbish as we never got to find out what the key was for

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